Apparently,there’s something big coming regarding Obama.I don’t know what it may be,does anyone in Kenyatalk know?It’s trending on Twitter[ATTACH=full]301764[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]301765[/ATTACH]

If Obama needs a Gate, let him get a metal fabricator. I would strickly recommend he gets one from our Luo bros for an exquisite one.


Trump diversion tactics for failing corona response

Obama is retired.

Fart in the wind.

Lol. How dumb are you?
The suffix ‘gate’ in respect to a scandal has nothing to do with Bill Gates. So I don’t know why you put his picture that.

Also, it is all Trump’s diversion from his current crisis failure.
The story is about Flynn, who Trump’s AG has dropped charges against.

Trump alupata birth cert ya obama btw?

Trump the moron diverting attention as usual.

Russian collusion failed big time. Na akina @Kennedy Maina na @Bottoms are burying theirs heads in the sand.

He’s retired, but what’s coming on his way, won’t leave his name smelling that good.

Wait for it.

You seem informed,where can I get credible information on the expose’?

At the moment, just look at how Michael Flynn case collapsed, and the intrigue behind it.

Kasirika kabisa hehe

Obama will be disgraced,you’ll feel stupid for defending him

I once saw a TV feature of Michael Flynn
The guy was really smart

The reduction of violence and numerous insurgents in Iraq was his brainchild but General patreus got the credit

When Patreus was sent to Afghanistan after Obama became president , he took Michael Flynn with him

Trump ampatie kazi,Hata Kama Ni kupanga files pentagon

Apologies for bothering to reply. I underestimated how thick you are.

If Trump was not born into millions, he would be a homeless guy.
Nobody can seriously think the way he answers questions is not typical of a mad man.

This argument is like a serial killer saying, yes I killed those 30 people, but I didn’t kill that you keep bringing up.

Trump’s scandals arranged side by side can make a trip to the moon and back.

Obama’s name has never smelt good to Fox news and their slave loving racist southerners.

Obama attacked Trump’s Covid 19 response as a ‘chaotic disaster’ on Saturday.
Trump ana machungu sana. Ameamua Ku revenge.
Whether ngay or straight Obama will remain as the 44th POTUS and the first Nigger POTUS.