obama visit

Rumours circulating all over that I
have been invited
by Obama to
share dinner with him on 24th
should be avoided like a plague.
The same day/evening I will be
attending my supporters who are
loyal to me. we shall deliberate on
key issue with the youth to
spearhead my bid for governor
I hereby confirm that Obama
has to wait until next time when I
will be free. Am always committed and he should make earlier arrangements like everyone else does.


@loverboy = Second rate eric omondi

@loverboy priss quote the source, dont just copy and paste

why do i have to quite the source, may be the others who copied from me like you t should quote it



Loverboy =geniusboy

Its still a very bogus quote…dont bother giving the source. Infact delete the thread


You can just edit your previous comment ala :mad:

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