Obama to visit 254 this July

Swali tu, baba atapata chance ya kugotea kasin?

President Obama to travel to Kenya in July - Nick Gass - POLITICO - http://www.politico.com/story/2015/03/obama-travel-to-kenya-july-2015-116501.html

Evidence ndio hio

here we go againā€¦

Sijaskia vita ya cordashians na jubilats since klost.

It better remain that way. Ilkuwa utoto ya kina wankerden, thirdman, mbudi et al. kupost fisi na watu wakilia. aarggh:mad::mad::mad:

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Umenikumbusha @mbudi. That fucker was bloody annoying.

Haha na ile picha ya kunoa kisuā€¦classic

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Most of the time yes, I agree. F.Mungai and the ilk, anyways good riddance to all that. Guess they all sunk with atlantis

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A poor decision. He has no idea how tattered our security situation is. I bet the likes of Alshabbab will cancel all other operations to exploit that visit. I can only imagine the kind of damaging publicity we would receive if such a visit were to be interrupted by terrorist threats.


He has to, for the sake of his legacy.

Wu tang ,nani unaita wankerden,nakuona sana

All sorts of ā€˜expertsā€™ crawling out of the woodwork.Security analysts, foreign affairs policy experts, White house insiders, State house spokesmenā€¦and many many others.You gotta love Kenyans.


Hehehehe. Pole, vidole ziliteleza.

every terroristā€™s wet dreamā€¦

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Akae tu kwao. Hapa ni stress tu atatuletea. Kwanzia traffic jams, telecoms jams, heightened security threats, curtailed freedom of movementā€¦ aaarrrgh!!!

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Wankerden niaje?

Poa sana nyama ya dogi

what happened to choices have consequence, oh he has realised that his term is coming to an end. obama, last time you skipped kenya and went to Tz our lives went on smoothly. hope you arenā€™t coming to tell us that homosexuality is cool

Ati Legacy? what legacy?