Obama Tells Off the Rethuglicans

He asks: why did it take you so long to (grudgingly) admit that Drumpf is not fit to be POTUS?


If I was him, I would eat my pension pole pole and hit the lecture circuit without mentioning Drumpf. The man and his follows are living in an alternative reality. One where truth as we know it no longer applies; and Drumpf is the alpha, the omega and the ultimate king. Drumpf appeals to some of the worst visceral instincts that have divided American society…That all men are created equal by God. That in God we trust; and that the Mzungu is the human equivalent of God.

They view sentiments (such as those by BO) to be an affront to the ultimate king, especially coming from a black dude.

Obama ni kitunguu anataka kunukisha, his best bet is Biden, hapo Michelle anapata high profile state job. Barrack na yeye will be all over the globe giving expensive lecture and brokering peace.
Another term of DT, doesn’t go well with BHO, and family.

I’m always gluing the day this west wing smart thug will be back in office. People are used to a demagogue and it’s normal.
Ghasia @patco, you should be shitting on your pants now that your fuckng fox news did polls even despite cheating I’m sure.


Why and how does this affect Obama individually?
Don’t just throw words around to sound enlightened.

[ATTACH=full]250613[/ATTACH]na baado hajakuwa nominated. You uncle Toms Tom’s are the most useless immigrants. I’m sorry to say so. Call him alpha and all but to my eyes you are all meffi

I just stated the facts.

umesoma what I posted ? BHO ain’t making money under DT Presidency, but will reap massively if Biden occupies white house. that’s a fact. Just like the Clinton’s made mullah in the two terms of BHO, but didn’t when Bush was the man.

So if he wants to lecture all over the globe, does he need any favours from Trump honestly?
If he needed overseas engagements am sure many governments would be happy to oblige without any reference to the orange haired racist pig.

What happened to your support to “mzito trump” and by the way how do you preach bible and yet you reinstate executions just like in the segregation era? Kenya hata ni afadhali, never did executions in ages ? Something is driving your people to segregation era. Something deeper. .just think and think harder

What is wrong with the death penalty? At least they don’t kill innocent people in their mothers wombs in the name of freedom

How many innocent blacks were executed during segregation era? Remember the famous 5 blacks who were falsely accused of raping a Caucasian kwa park NY only to be found innocent years later? During that time “mzito trump” wanted them executed for her rape and murder and paid a whole page on local daily campaigning for their execution . The same person is reinstating the same segregation ideologies now to please the racists.
Capital punishment is slowly losing ground and people are less and less interested in it . Let natural cause take care of these individuals and not execution. There are high chance that an innocent black man who the judiciary system isn’t on their favorite can be executed as they have done before .

How many innocent children have been executed since Roe vs wade? Why don’t you want the same natural cause take care of these children?

Have you seen me being pro-arbotion . Stop scooping poop smear from your ass. Wacha ujinga

Therefore you sit back and eat your pension pole pole?

Fortunately, BHO has never been one to listen to cowardly advice.

Let’s not forget that this Obozo idiot destroyed a prosperous African country and armed terrorists in Syria. I’d rather have Trump a gazillion times.

Mimi kama uncle Trump oversee supporter hii kitu tunainyakua by saa tatu.

Ferkn immigrant cunt

Huyo chotara hakuna kitu anaeza niambia. Yeye ni backstabber he stabbed colonel Gaddafi.