Obama in Ethiopia. For the doubters, see this?

Another beast was already there waiting for him. [ATTACH=full]10374[/ATTACH]

Citizen tv walichambua the beast mpaka I discovered there are 8 beasts

wakutobwa hii maneno inatusaidia kivipi?

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Ukimalizana na FP niambie, I got a few questions to ask her.

You might believe me or you may not lakini niko na “ndosie” and i know for a fact that the only Beast that this guy travels in is carried in that Boeing 747. Hizi zingine ni Fake and you can take that to the Bank. Nilijionea na macho yangu in some country where he visited.

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It wasn’t even anywhere near JKIA when Airforce one departed. My eyes were glued to the screen till the plane was a tiny dot in the sky.

Addis is just a couple of hours away. They must have airlifted the bloody beast when the guy was still in K.U.

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Hiyo uliona kwa ndoto. Its only a car, thousands can be manufactured at will. You make it sound as if its a person, ati fake n real. What bloody nonsense coming from britain!!!


Hahah, hizi maufala zako hunibamba sometimes.


[ATTACH=full]10381[/ATTACH] I can count 4 here


Really?! Then what were the C-17’s for?

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@Dunya I owe you beer

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To carry fake ones skeleton ya hizo beasts ni toyota hilux

Acting as a decoy doesn’t mean its fake.

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Ignorant kenyans! And countless theories that have no legs!

The truth is that the Beast can fly! If you were keen, POTUS left his hotel in the car, but arrived via a copter. Yea, the beast also changes form. Why do you think they call it beast? Havent you read the bible? And do you know its number plate is UFF 666F?



Washahidi wa Jehovah wanyonyi hivyo ndio mlihubiriwa?


Mbona iko na number plate ya Uganda?