Obama - a 65-year old's true confession.......................

…because he was so considerate and respectful, and may be because of the blanket coverage, I got quite attached to Obama being in Kenya over the last three days.

Nimeona hiyo ndege yake ikipaa nikaskia kama ni rela anaenda. Like am losing somebody close.

So, when I went to the Guardian site and saw all the racists in the US telling us to keep ‘the village idiot’ I got real angry. WHO DO THESE MATHAFAKAS THINK THEY ARE, THE REDNECKS?

I hope Obama moves to Kenya after his presidency. Heck, I could vote for him here!


Felt a bit bad too wen he left…

Gay Alert…

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SO TRUE ,Now everything all of sudden sucks !!! Sasa Ni wedding show and crap next will be Duale’s disgusting voice on TV ! :frowning:


I wept when that faggots president landed in kenya,may it rain and erase his footsteps in kenya


@Wakanyama, tuendelee mahali tuliachia kumwaga pombe.

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Obama Sr obtained a First Class Honours at the University of Hawaii and was awarded a scholarship to pursue a PhD at Harvard. He was later deported for fooling around with white women. …

Kumbe ni ukweli. Someone here said people will have a hell of a hangover.

POTUS is a very mean fellow. I understand UK is heading to Ethiopia too.

Si angempea lift kwa hio ndege yake! Ama itatumia mafuta mingi akibeba PORKE?

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Alafu huyo PORKE atarudi na nini, Ethiopian?

Kuja tuconsoliane…

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I’m still crying, i can’t beleive the motor mouthed, deceitful gay is gone

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Ungecomment huko uniambie wana wivu na wanalick a** ya US with zeal. Wanafaa washtuliwe. They think we still live in caves.

I thot this stupid old man prefers akina Guardian than our own media, shame on u swine @FieldMarshal CouchP!

Wud u rather follow some media giving racists airtime ama ile inaangazia the beast n other social aspects za Obama nkt!

Class give an example of being between a rock and a hard place. He just did

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@FieldMarshal CouchP ni mzee who doesn’t blv anything good can come out of the Kenyan youth…he will criticize our young journalists, young rich etc n a bunch of misplaced talkers will cheer him on! After all his yapping he heads to a brothel where the same young pokos will give him a bj just to ensure his old rusty d!ck rises to the occasion. Akishindwa kuinua anaanza kuwaita hao mapoko wezi


At times he is too negative a characteristic he shares with geezers his age.

Felt bad when he snitched on baba in KU

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