This guy is a man of the people.
Watch how he is cheered by the crowd as his speech steals the show during the kisumu consultative meeting.


Sasa nenda umpanulie mcoosh, umbwa kabisa

Yet he is suspected of killing a young woman carrying his child, he even visited the crime scene and watched as she was stabbed in the abdomen.

He is laying low only because he has major cases haunting him. Otherwise the guy could be tearing down Raila. Sonko should learn from him

The enigmatic son of the witch doctor, Jeremiah Obado. His father once predicted that the son would be a big man.

He specified the seat would be bigger than an MP. By that time devolution had not yet come. Ohado had also lost an election where he died for the Uriri seat.

now he is one of the wealthiest men in Luo Nyanza, feared and respected even by the regional hegemon from Opoda.

kidero has also rattled Homabay with massive campaign that has made the enemies cry.

Obado is a murderer. That should be the title of the thread. Meffi wewe.

As much as I hate him for a being a lord of corruption and a killer ([SIZE=2]though the bitch was really pushing it … story for another day[/SIZE]) He has shown Raila is no juggernaut in Nyanza this guy won without baba’s blessing , even after his court cases baba was still not able to impeach him !

Question 1.
Garbage electorate =
a) Good leaders and thriving country.
b) Bad leaders and thriving country
c)Good leaders and garbage country
d)Bad leaders and garbage country.


Obado died for Uriri seat…Mmmkaay.

I think he means vied for, but it’s just that death has preoccupied his mind

Why ya’ll calling him a murderer? Every single elected politician from MP level has committed or been an accessory to murder. The dirty nature of Kenyan politics mean you must be a thug to “make it.”

That mpango wa kando should serve as a fitting example of respecting marriages

Maxima ndio nini shoga hii @kukuru kakara

Obado en mafia wan gi Obado as the new kingpin