Atiriri andu aitu; Kanyoni nigagaka kana Gati gaka

Kanyoni nonginya gake.Mutitu noguo turashenjirie nugu no iria imwe

Kaii kwina kii mutitwiree

Ulike some pple here who will comment or throw likes, sitajifanya nimeelewa


Gati nî kana ka gîti?


Jubilee thinkers are a very smart team. Their game plan is very calculated and it will succeed. UK hands over to Man Rutz in 2022. Man Rutz nominates/appoints Muhoho UK to the cabinet. By the time Ruto does his 10 years, Muhoho UK atakuwa ameiva na kuwa Jubilee Presidential candidate 2032. That’s what I call smart thinking and planning for the future. When Kenyans saw a shy and naive Muhoho with Man Rutz in a campaign rally, alarm bells should have gone up. Apart from it being a replica of the way Uhuru was introduced to politics by Nyayo, Man Rutz is scheming on how to secure the Central votes in 2022 for himself through incorporating the young Muhoho in his campaign strategy. By showing the central people that he has a “Kenyatta” in his future plans, you can be sure they will give him the votes. After Muhoho does his 10 years, he hands over to, yes, you guessed it right, Ruto Jnr (can’t remember his name). Yes, my people, prepare for a KiuKale Dynasty. History students will have a field day. History teachers will thus teach "Once upon a time and for many years, the country was ruled by a dynasty (Kingdom) called KiuKale. It was so powerful and untouchable that the other tribes could only salivate at the kingdom. Any Presidential prospective thinking of trying to vie for the presidency must think twice before risking his/her money. Hii kitu Ina wenyewe mpaka hatujui lini.

Hii story

ilitengenezwa kitambo.
But the characters then wer Jimmie Obako n Giddy Mo1.
Dint go thru

Jaymoh nikii riu? Ndiri na thina na kiria ura post no nonginya uthii ukibandikaga o haria wagera?

Kanyoni kau gathie ciira nigakana kana gati ga kana?

Man proposes, God disposes. If it is God’s plan nothing human will stop the inevitable but if it is human hot air, just note that there once was a Kennedy Dynasty in the US.