nyumba kumi: rejected. security bill: rejected. police recruitment: rejected

We’re harvesting our culture of rejecting every proposal without giving it a try.
They’re also rejecting the security wall proposed to be built along the Kenya Somali border.
Most of the people rejecting these initiatives live in very secure neighbourhoods and work for NGOs
Kenyans need to recognise who is the Judas Iscariot

and then they are loudest shouting government has failed and we must share intell with…er…great Britain

We build thousands of kilometres of roads every year, NE has no roads anyway. So why not a wall

Nyumba kumi works so well upcountry where I come from. It doesn’t take much to notice a funny character within our neighborhoods, criminals live among us. If we can notice twilight workers, why not criminals? Our main problem is that we politicize everything.

Knee jerk reaction to problems are not solutions to those problems.
NE needs the government to invest in infrastructure not a wall.
Before nyumba kumi there was community policing started by Kibaki what happened to it had
the current government pushed that further to see it work or was it just a PR by Kibaki and now UK need his.
Government policies should be well thought and implemented in a systematic manner and reviewed every now and then to see if the desired results are being achieved.
Si kila mtu na yake running government is not like drinking beer where everyone has a favourite brand or you can also distil your own.

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Who in their right mind would go where there is no security? Security comes first then investors follow.

The government will go first prepare the way for the investors

And that preparation involves improving security. It’s the reason why Somalis would rather invest in Nairobi than in Mogadishu.

You never disappoint. Anyway, would someone care to explain why Garissa TTC was closed while the University carried on?

they assumed only fellow nutty heads would agree to take their kids there

Not just security there is also infrastructure,social amenities and investment.

Those things come much much later. Needing security is a natural instinct.

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Nikiskia sonetimes back eti wamepata a huge water reservoir hiyo maji watumie kufanya irrigation huko…everything else will follow naturally where theres food theres peace

The president could do what India did on Kashmir it has prevented a lot of terrorist groups funded by Pakistan.


Here’s the full article:


Enlighten us kidogo. What did India do?

Ensure the military covers the border stretch and they should always be in a war footing and intelligence that use the local to spy on the locals based in that region.

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hii website iliniweza …

wah sad though

kumbe hata wewe hutembea huko?