I sometimes back said that NYS is similar to brownshirts and is actually an army controlled by proxy. There they are now on TV running people down in the streets.
Yet nigga zingine hapa ziko busy zikisupport the whole project.

I think NYS ni YfK 92 reloaded.

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wachaneni na jeshi la mama

Ni Ya Sweetie.
If that’s the case you should be very afraid that we have a police force.
And only criminals and law breakers should feel threatened by any form of law enforcement.

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Really, so unataka kutuonyesha vile makarao ni mabuddies zako all time and you have nothing to fear abt them?

If you have already grown out your childhood, you ought to know that there is a difference between how things ought to be and reality. Realpolitik teaches me that police and semi official forces such as NYS aren’t really law enforcers but simply soldiers serving a particular class.

And as someone has said, police aren’t in the firm grip of the powers that be and they are also not that easy to use effectively.

Link please.


It’s not alarmist. If they are beating up people on streets then that might just be a possibility in the next few years.

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My only query is what happens after they complete their training at NYS? The key word is “Youth”…Or do they remain in NYS until they retire? @Msuper shed some light here.

This link http://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/this-man-mutahi-ngunyi.5677/#post-79691
and the KTN news down there


kwanza huwa wanapiga watu mbaya hata kuliko karao