Nyeri MP Ngujiri files petition against CJ Magara

One day after Uhuru meeting a delegation of the Gusii community, Nyeri MP, Ngujiri Wambugu has filed a petition against CJ Maraga. [ATTACH=full]125895[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]125896[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]125897[/ATTACH]

Dirty politics, they have vowed no more gentlemanly. Did you listen to Duale defending Muslim commissioners. Gloves are off


Let them play dirty.jubilee can’t be playing clean while naswa play dirty. Let it get murkier. Jumuisha tujumuishe


It`s all dirty politics, the supreme court was to release the full ruling today. Ngujiri and his accomplices want to draw the attention of Kenyans away from the details of the Supreme Court ruling.
The illegalities and irregularities were committed by some IEBC officials -THEY ARE THE PEOPLE KENYANS SHOULD BE VENTING THEIR ANGER ON, NOT CJ MARAGA.



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Much as I disagree SCOK decision, I think this petition has no merit. The court has not delivered its full judgement. We need to interrogate this judgement to arrive at a conclusion of bias or otherwise. In any case, we don’t victimize judges because of their decisions in court, unless it can be shown that the decision was corrupt. For this petition to have merit, it has to be shown that the majority decision was corruptly influenced.

Judges are not demi-gods. In the hierarchy of things, the president is the most superior, then the speaker and lastly the CJ. The first two are considered senior because their mandate comes direct from the people.

Now, if we can call the president names, why should the CJ be above reproach? The guy kunias like anybody else, ara!


That petition isn`t going anywhere. All they have is allegations, and CJ Maraga did not nullify the election results, a total of 6 judges made the decision (4-2).

Ngujiri and his accomplices know this. Removing Maraga is not their main aim, what they are doing is giving a dog a bad name and hanging him while at the same time drawing the attention of Kenyans away from any damning details that might be in the supreme court ruling.

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Agreed, the petition may not go anywhere, but who says we want it to anywhere?

Maraga said elections are a PROCESS. We in JP are beginning a PROCESS to cut his sorry ass to size. This is a very small part of it. There are others, including with-holding Judiciary allocations in Parliament.

By the end of it tutaona nani ndume…


Scare mongering on the judiciary + record number of election petitions… Read the script…

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At the end of the day it will be Kenya as whole that will suffer

Someone is misadvising Uhuru either on purpose or he’s surrounded by ignorant buffoons. This is not the time to start a war with the Judiciary one month to an election that might go back to the same BENCH. If the three judges call the press conference in support of what Jubilee is alleging what do you expect the other 4 to do? Plus this is just another decision that will increase the Kisii-Jubilee animosity to record levels,coming hot on the heels of the Kisii leaders visit to State House jana.

I have a problem with singling him out individually. We haven’t even heard the reasoning behind the bench’s decision. We can criticize the decision all we want but we should not make it personal. We should make personal if and only if there is evidence of misconduct. Do you find it strange that the complainant is singling out just one judge and leaving out the other three who were of similar opinion? If the CJ unduly influenced the rest, then all of them are guilty of conspiracy. In greek they say ‘Kiamia kimwe ciamia ciothe’

Agree fully. But I want to propose to you that Kenya is where it is because the Kibaki/Uhuru wings since 2002 played by the rules, while the other side played by no rules. This is why gangs can invade hotels and beat up old women and why a whole ‘leader’ can condemn a life-saving vaccine without the media so much as criticising them. Lakini wacha Uhuru aite Magara ‘yule mzee’ - as if he’s not a mzee at 65!

In this environment, I tend to lay my sympathies with the likes of Wambugu and Kuria. There is a time to swallow the bone, and that time is now. If we in JP continue to play soft-soft, these guys will over-ran us. Every time we bend over backwards, they shaft us. Remove Tonui, we remove. Remove Isaack Hassan, we remove. Appoint an ODM life member the chair of IEBC, we appoint.

We call them our ‘brothers’ while they are sharpening their knives to slaughter us.

That time must end.

Wambugu’s petition is but a beginning. We must wage war on all fronts and stop pretending that we are too civilised to wrestle the baboons in the mud.


we’re in a no holds barred everything counts political season,… NaSa claimed jana they’ll instigate individual cases to ayibisi commissioners, won’t participate in elections, won’t go for paliamentary sessions… so its all about playing dirty,.
unfortunately he’ll be forced to retract the petition,… bcoz Jp leaders will b afraid of repucussions,… very sissy lot, hata Kindiki has chickened out and disowned Ngunjiri.

He he. Hapa naona umerusha red herring kubwa mzee…

That is juvenile, we need a working nation. If any person entrusted with affairs of the state and evidence found that the person is corrupt, incompetent or bringing disrepute to a respected office of the state, there are laws to deal with such, but grounding an organ of the government just to show who is the boss, that is delinquent.

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lakini si ilikuwa noma vile Munya aliingia NASA akafanywa Principal alafu akatoka nje tena!