Nyeri MCA seeks protection from miniskirts

[INDENT][I]A member of the Nyeri County Assembly has pleaded with his female colleagues to stop wearing miniskirts, which he claims distract him during House sittings.

Karatina Ward MCA Watson Mburungo on Wednesday told Speaker John Kaguchia that he and his male colleagues could hardly concentrate on House business because of the skimpy dressing.


Tuoshwe mecho


I fully understand the poor fellow …[/B]

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Under these conditions , …It is not possible to think straight …!!

Just another brainwashed religious zealot.

whue hizi hippo unatoanga national park gani

:D:D:D yeye ni poacher

Hawa ni MCAz wa Nyeri ama?:wink:

Number 3 I like much much alot very :slight_smile:

Anaitwa burungo alafu analalamika

Irony kabisa…anafaa kuita kaburungo!

… Ukiamua Kumla Ngurue , machgue alienona …!!!

Jamaa badala ya kusafisha meyo anacomplain? Nkt