Nyeri kieleweke vs tangatanga Supremacy battles


Wajinga continues…

Bonobos fools war in the making

They sang the hardest wembe ni ure ure let them fight to death Darwin needs another reason to prove his theory .


The common denominator is one kijana mfupi round, ngunjiri Wambugu, a former odm operative, he learned well at RATs feet and he’s now importing that rubbish into nyeri. he needs to be clobbered sawa sawa

Penda sana. Let the impoverished bonobos massacre each other over rich men

No need to physically hurt him. He’s going home after 2022 elections. Mt Kenya is not Lakeside where Raila decides who will be re-elected.

He needs to get a taste of his own medicine! in all those videos he goes to a function with goons and calmly watches as they cause mayhem that’s not right he really needs to o get a serious beating.