Nyau Currency

Early last year, dry spell na blue balls zilinipeleka tinder kutafuta ikus. I matched
with a pretty 19 year old shiny eye and we exchanged digits and went chatting on Whatsapp for a while. I use my airtel line almost exclusively for hookups.

She was a single mum after her bastard’s father bailed when she was pregnant and her pics revealed she lived in a ghetto somewhere.

She had a cute face, fit body, large buttocks and those juicy single mother hips but from dress code yake you could tell she was not well to do. Whenever she wore something decent, she looked hot.

After a few chats, she admitted she wanted “tokens” if I wanted to get into her pants and we negotiated a price of KSh.2,500 for a whole night’s fuck.
We set a date for that weekend but nikapata shughuli out of town unexpectedly and cancelled.

Later, I did my CSI and found her profile on massage republic and another escort site I forgot.

She tried to organise for a meet two more times but niliogopa ugonjwa and dodged. I even stopped using my airtel whatsapp.

Fast forward a couple months ago, I log into my airtel whatsapp and how things have changed.
The lanye now lives in a well furnished dig complete with a TV, carpet, fridge, dispenser, designer clothes etc in the capital of single mums Kasarani. After the upgrade of course she looks smoking hot. A solid 9/10.

This is the real definition of pussy power. But I hope she smarts up and gets a rich beta male to commit to her before she hits the wall. Remember, the wall is undefeated.

Osheni mesho.

mecho imechafuka

Hehe, najua unajidharau vile uli-waste chance ya kumwaga ndani. Sahii ukijaribu ku-hookup utaambiwa 25k “only” for a night :D:D:D

Poor beta - male husband to be …

Somebarry weka picha

Exactly man…saa hii itakua 10k for 1 hour. Although bado ako na namba yangu ndyo mimi humstalk kwa whatsapp status nikingarisha mesho. Lakini kukula lanye sitaki.

Shieet !!! I think I saw such a photo on facebook few days a go. I know her since you mentioned the kid. Dunia ni ndigo kweli.

I cant see anything hot here,jst an average vertical slit,holder

Si Mbaya but angekuibia laptop

so unaniambia hutakula lanye lakini utamstalk na ukule kwa mecho? Kweli it does not get any beta than this.

Juu sitaki kukula lanye nafaa niende kuwa priest ama?


First name?

If you couldnt f her then you cant f her now,
her status not withstanding

Na iyo ni shape ya kawaida tu

I chose not to fuck her…nikitaka slices hii weekend napataa


Unanilemba huyu weee.

Admin bana wacha hata thumbnail.

The economy is collapsing, umalaya is the only road left