Nyanza Governors say no elections in October

It says a lot that out of 47 counties, only 4 are ‘banning’ elections (a clear illegality). And that list of 4 counties says a lot.

“Governors from Kisumu, Siaya, Homa Bay and Migori have declared no elections will be held in their counties on October 26. The four, Anyang’ Nyong’o (Kisumu), Okoth Obado (Migori), Cornel Rasanga (Siaya) and Cyprian Awiti (Homa Bay) told the electoral commission to stop wasting time training election officials to preside over the repeat presidential poll.”

Nyanza Governors Plan To Sacrifice The Youth

This is NASA’s plan. Vijana wajitokeze, walete fujo wakikataza watu wa IEBC kufanya kazi. They want to sacrifice the youth. Wanataka maelfu ya vijana wafariki ndio wapate nusu mkate.

This should be a chance for the govt to show who is for peace and who advocates lawlessness and violence.

The govt should have daily ads on TV and radio, especially FM stations targeting Nyanza: The ads should remind the youth that security services will be protecting IEBC officials and voters, and anybody interfering with that will be met with maximum force. Please, if you don’t want to vote, stay at home.

If possible, the govt should also send sms msgs about statement above(a variant of it, obviously) to all phones in Kenya, 1 everyday upto election day.

I am saying this because I know most of those guys rioting in Nyanza do so against advice from older relatives/parents, and if married, most wives are against their husbands’ participating in riots. (Actually there was a story last week about a professional rioter from Kondele whose wife is very much opposed to his antics).

These msgs am talking about are meant to fire up older relatives/wives to put maximum pressure on the youth not to riot/block elections, for their own safety. I think many lives can be saved this way.

Hio ni @Ukweli Tupu.

Besides, a show of might is needed. All military hardware and software should be moved to those sides. Kila polling station ikue na tanks kama nne hivi na trucks sita za GSU. And a few NBC men patrolling the streets sniffing snuff.

But again, we are talking about an impotent president whose favourite saying is " mnataka nifanye nini?".

aviator umeosha kuma asubuhi ?

Let them first resign, and wait for reforms at IEBC.

Nimeona tumbo fulani huko kisumu wakifurusha iebc official, media wanasema eti ‘youths’ refuse iebc to do training…
Nikashindwa sana what a youth is … :frowning:
Nyanza is doomed

Hio ndo gani mkubwa?

Vitu kama maji, chakula, bangi, teargas, umbwa, etc.

This is self defeatest and in essence scoring an own goal by giving a desperate opposition some legitimacy to their myriad of complaints and demands.

Aren’t these bare, prosecutable electoral offences?

Under which arm of govt does the ODPP fall?

Lakini the validity of their protest was rubber stamped yesterday thanks to comments by Akombe and Chebukati. “The elections will not be credible on 26th”.

Hapo sasa hata mimi nataka maandamano. Couldn’t IEBC do the reforms in time because even Jubilee seems okay with reforms?

Ukweli tupu huko kiambu

What will happen if voting goes on the rest of the country isipokua huko??

Election will be held, mpende msipende

You are so spot on! UK’s softness is just pathetic!!..NASA are winning the scheming game & bullying him right left & centre. Raila has Uhuru by the balls. UK is in hock to him up to his eye balls!!

Coward of the county,cry baby kimbia kwa admin useme umetusiwa.

I think they are overestimating their importance. Do they have the power to stop elections?

The thing is ( and i believe this is the govt plan) elections will be held on the 26th whether jakuonists participate or not. Of course babuon will rush to Wakora who will nullify the election again and call for fresh elections in 60 days. UhuRuto will have a breathing space and Chabukati ataambiwa atembeze kiatu. Fresh nominations will be done and RWNEEEBP! Simple



Baba alishasema jana, na hiyo ndio tutafuata mupende musipende…