Nyandarua Madness

Madness …
Pure and Simple …:mad::mad:

Nyandarua County Government, Headed by Governor Francis Kimemia, has allegedly purchased a Christmas Tree from Italy worth Ksh. 12 Million for The Nyandarua Christmas Tree Fund event aimed at helping the Most Vulnerable.
Why couldn’t they use the 12 Million to support them …???
Or just cut any local tree branch for free and decorate it …???


These are the kinds of Idiots we need to haul out in front of Military Firing Squads … :mad::mad:

The wording of that letter looks very suspicious. “Modest 12,000,000” seems to be intended to arouse negative sentiment. Sounds fake to me. But again, this is Kenya. Anything is possible.

Very true


What will the needy do with the portrait of His Excellency the Governor? And who gives these dimwits titles like “His Excellency?”

The roads in Nyandarua county are pure horror. Governor Kimemia has not done enough

The letter looks fake. It’s unsigned



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si waiguru alinunua kalamu moja laki, badae wakauziwa hewa billion kadha, Arror akauza huko Towels zitumike kujenga dam :smiley:

As far as you are concerned , growing a normal brain might not be such a bad idea …

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