Nyandarua Lodging Hekaya.

The year is 2010, am a first year student at campus. In January opening, my friend had informed me we were to open on a Monday. When we arrived at campus, we were informed opening was the following day.
The guy decided to go back home. I wasn’t interested in going back home. My friends in Kahawa and Ngara said they were still on holiday.

At town, I decided to find cheap lodging to spend the night and ended up at Nyandarua lodging. Ksh.700 for the whole night. Rested and around 7 went for dinner and bought mzinga to drink in my room.

I was given a corner room in second floor. Being bored I dosed off and woke up around 10 from noise in the next room. The partition was mbao.

It was people having sex. I tried to chungulia but holes were covered. After they left, I went to the room and removed the covering including at the door, there the lock had been removed leaving a gapping hole.
Along the corridor and verranda, there were lanye and clients all over. I did not know it was a brothel.

As the night went on, whores and their clients would visit the adjacent room. I would listen to conversation about money, kwanini umepote na venye ni tamu. More important, I would pip through the door hole.

And kenyans love missionary.
One after the other, it was missionary, mwaga and they leave.

With so much activity, I couldn’t sleep. And would stand in the corridor. And whore, after being fucked and going to the loo would ask if am interested. Hell no.

Deep into the night, a petite hot whore in a red miniskirt and a guy in a navy blue suit, no tie entred the adjacent room. I can remember as if it was yesterday because they changed my life.

As usual, I would go to my room and listen to the conversation. After a while, I went to chungulia at the door. Missionary position and was disappointed. To chungulia the second time, the girl was in reverse cowgirl position. The guy was a master. From that to doggy on the bed, standing doggy, multiple bj and finally flat doggy.
It was like watching real life porn. I stood at the corridor and saw them walk out. I was amazed. All those other guys were doing nothing. That’s how you treat a whore. I followed the whore back to a bar along duruma road. The guy went the other way.

Feeling horny as hell, I befriended another hot whore and went to my room. When was stubborn. She couldn’t ride me because she was tired etc, but agreed to missionary and doggy. I wanted to practice what I had learnt.

But that guy set the standard for me. Since then, where it a girlfriend or a whore, multiple positions is a must. All those guys who do missionary and mwaga don’t know what they are missing.

That’s what I’m talking about

Ungeshikwa ukichungulia…hao lanye wangekung’oa hizo macho.

Dave chappelle, ulikula ule Malaya ama ni siasa

:D:D Hekaya on point but hizo camelgirl style hakuna time yake bora nimwage the faster the better before Malaya aanze zile za ’ mwaga haraka ama uongeze mia biri’



Kunakuanga na malanye wahot huku

Na wasee hushikwa wakitoka hizi rooms za hii area kama zile za latema??

:smiley: @Big Ben were you still big at that time

You forgot to mention the abominable odours in such places.

You need to be exorcised of the evil spirits harbouring in your body.

Malaya atakwambia ‘mastyro perekea mbimbi!!!’ Just do missionary na umwage uende.

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]@Big Ben what happened? you stopped attending churches ama…hizi hekaya watu wataokoka lini jameni??

iliokoka 2019.

Good times