Nyama Nyama Sweet but kills!

If you go to a butcher and find his stock of beef or mutton very fresh and not a single fly present, dead or alive, run for dear life… that meat is soaked in formaldehyde or sodium metabisulfite aka ‘Dawa ya Nyama’ of which is a banned preservative believed to cause cancer.



banned in which country(ies)?

So the two dawas are fly repellents?

Said it. Fact backed threads.

No man sodium metabusufite is a very common preservative…the only way it would turn harmful is if you ingest over 15grams …that’s almost 4 teaspoons…
And that’s probably double the amount needed to preserve a whole bull.
Actually meat should be the least of your worries since its also extensively used in beer preservation, juices, wine, hot dogs, salads, cookies, pizza, milk, vegetable oil, chips…the list is long…we ingest it daily but in small amounts.

exactly, i asked for the link on when it was banned and where but it was not forthcoming…i had to recheck who posted the thread, i got my answer

Bingi Wacha siasa duni.

Digi wewe ni rafiki yangu lakini unakuaga alarmist

Salt is sodium chloride, who has ever died because of salt?

kuna many salts out there, NaCl ni tu the common table salt

Umejiuliza kwanza zile dawa hio ngombe imetumia over it’s lifespan. Maji imekunywa gani? Pasture labda ni hizo nyasi za sewage hapo pipeline Maasai akipita. Hizo ng’ombe hukunywa,maji wapi? Si ni hizi drainage za Nairobi tu?! Hio maji unatupa shonde inarudi tu kwa tumbo. Cycle of life.

Just eat the meat it’s better than hunger. It’s only safe if you grew it yourself.

I have seen poor Chinese kids handling mercury with their bare hands. Na wako very healthy. Wewe hapo hata hujawai guza fegi na uko na tuugonjwa kama kumi.

Ukaambiwa hio mbuzi ulikula Christmas zile vitu imekula in its lifespan… wacha tu.

Imekula used condoms, pads, bandages… they don’t just eat grass. They need extra nutrients. Ikikutana na kitu tasty kwa rubbish heap inapita nayo. Na jioni ndio huyo budpencer ashapanda stool amwage ndani ya ng’ombe pale Bomet… straight to your brookside milk!!

But those dirty things the animal eats are converted into nutrients once it gets into the body. The useless things are then turned into faeces or mixed up in urine.

There are already countries which are converting sewage water into drinking water. A lengthy process of biochemistry and the water comes out very clean and safe to drink. Of course, Africans being Africans, wouldn’t trust that water.

Thanks for the heads up, but there’s too much chemical already ingested, everything sold on supermarket shelves with an expiry date, has preservatives(chemicals).

Sodium Chloride tunatumianga nyumbani na Sodium Metabufusite ni kitu moja, zote ni chumvi.