Nyakundi on fire - Jamaa hacheki na Feminazis!

Now this is a good read for sure. Hiyo battallion ya “too long dint read” mnaeza enda zile forum ya kusafisha macho. Baba yako alikulipia fees hizo miaka zote na huwezi soma an article? Shame on you!!

Cyprian Nyakundi
Nov 14, 2017

Over the last decade or so, foreign donors pumped money in promoting the girl-child, homosexuality and affirmative action. Media and journalists were bribed to hype non-existent exceptionalism of women for instance Senator Naisula Lesuuda who was fronted as an example of what women empowerment can achieve, yet all we hear are her indiscretions and sexual exploits. Another one who was promoted heavily by foreign donors, embassies and the UN is Njoki Ndungu. She helped draft a retrogressive sexual offenses bill which was conceptualised by the white benefactors to suppress the boy-child by almost criminalising gestures that could be termed as courtship. Recently I was shocked to hear that someone was jailed for calling a female Lawyer “my dear” . Like what the fuck? The judge who dispensed that judgement must be interdicted. That’s borderline dumb!

Within the same period also, we have seen women grab nearly all senior positions in companies leaving only a ceremonial male CEO. While Bob Collymore is a “male” the company’s policies have largely been female friendly, leading to the revelation that the company has more female employees than male. But these larger-than-life CEO’s prefer women because, on matters of policy, women are clueless. They’re praise-singers as regards to that. They only influence matters that benefit them. Sex has been the measure of career progression in most of these companies, and the CEO’s turned a blind eye on this glaring discrepancies because, in supporting feminism, they subliminally hoped to send a message to other women of “solidarity” and thus eliminating a critical mass of would-be criticism. Which then eases pressure on CEO’s and boards who would then embark on massive looting and plunder.

With merit being discarded, went also our productivity as a country, suppressed creativity, inferior initiatives and the likes. The adverts by Scan-Group companies, for instance, are the most pathetic, one even wonders how the company is still in business. But if the only path to employment in that company is sex, then what do you expect? Women don’t like to strain and think. They want to find things happening midway and then take the credit. Which is why for-instance EABL spent over Kshs. 3 Billion on Tusker Project Fame, instead of spending a fraction of that amount to build a decent ground in their Ruaraka Headquarters. Women like such events where there less stress because they were buying the franchise from Endemol. Women hate to put in the work. In all those seasons, they invested in fake talent like K-Denk of South Sudan, and Ngangalito from Kiambu. Instead of developing the next Dennis Oliech or David Rudisha in a country with an abundance of talent.

It’s the reason why corporate companies in Nairobi shy away from sponsoring any activity that benefits males or empowers them. Except Sport Pesa which is run by a male Ronald Karauri and credit to him, he has avoided mis-advise from marketing agencies which are flooded with clueless bimbo’s who slept their way into office. For that, I salute you Mr. Karauri. Keep those feminists at bay. Another company is Coca-Cola. Because of hiring bimbo’s in their management, the company saw it fit to stop sponsorship of youth tournaments which benefitted many and instead shifted that whole budget to Coke Studio which only benefits a few, including the eating cartels that the company staffers have created. Since they employed Mona Karingi in that company as the marketing manager, she embarked on this vanity projects like Coke Studio.

Corporate companies are also flooding money to sponsor golf because the women marketing managers want to meet and interact in controlled environment. They want to sip fine wines and post good photos on Instagram. It’s the reason why Barclays sponsors golf, because the women have mind-fucked the company’s CEO to see the bigger picture.It’s the reason why Safaricom spends a lot of money on Jazz. Because the female management hates to exert effort into thinking up and investing something massive to grow from inception. Women love being in boujee events and mingling with their fellow fake accented simpletons, and calling it a day. To give you an example of how dumb women generally are, Sylvia Mulinge of Safaricom who is being arraigned in court next week for murder was given the option to finish this case. First, she was to pay the victim’s family Kshs. 900,000.00. Second, she was supposed to withdraw company’s lawyers from the multiple of court-cases with this blogger and settle out-of-court. She opted for the more brutal option. Now even if she is bailed, it will probably cost 5 times worth any settlement with the family, not to mention the lawyers’ fee’s, company name being dragged in the mud and the likes. Some cases are beyond the reach of PR company spin, especially when she takes that plea.

That’s an example of how women are generally short-sighted. If it was a male, they’d have killed this matter a long time ago.This successful social-experiment has seen activities involving the boy-child shunned by top corporates. For the feminist, equalism means cannibalizing the other gender leaving only them and gays running corporate Nairobi. Well done to the donors and fuckin mzungu’s who supported this venture. You won! But because not all women are toxic feminists, many of you have sons who you want to grow in a fair environment where they’re not shunned due to their gender, then we can do something. We can crowd-source our numbers in-order to raise awareness, call out the corporates who have a policy of shunning activities aimed at the boy-child, and finally, we can boycott. The power is in our hands.We want toxic feminists like Caroline Mutoko, Wanja Kavengi, Givens Mideva, Ciku Muiruri, Ciru Muriuki and others to completely lay off social media. It’s time we put an end to their bullshit once and for all. Take those boring write-ups and motivational quotes and shove them up your arses! We want the women who made good choices and married well, with stable families and kids to take prominence, not these sluts who consciously made the decision to adopted this convoluted version of female empowerment.

Recent events have served to highlight the scourge of toxic feminism currently sweeping across Kenya. I’m happy to be behind this renaissance of the boy-child, where I have given men their voice back. Previously men could not speak without being bullied by a panel of eager feminists, accused of misogyny and patriarchy. Women are now more educated, have better jobs and worse still, they’re still whoring themselves like broke people, demanding men to cater for their upkeep and expenses. It is write-ups like Njoki Chege’s which drew us to this scourge. She always spoke of broke men, yet she always portrayed an image of success, whilst still demanding for a man who will pay her bills. So why should we empower women if their money is not helping others? If men with their meager earnings somehow find a way to support many women and women can’t support anyone, then doesn’t common sense dictate that it’s they who should be empowered?

A reminder that anyone who has Ronnie Osumba’s dirt to contact me, as we will make it clear to corporate CEO’s who pander to feminists, th
at there are consequences. Osumba sucked Peter Kenneth’s dick to be where he is in life, and yet he has the guts to act like he deserved the appointment when he’s no different than the women demanding for jobs behind affirmative action.

This guy must have been born by a man, or an animal, it’s the only explanation one can give for a man who comfortably says" how dumb women generally are"

Hii ujinga ya cousin ya @coldchieth siwezi soma hata na dawa

Its true ukiona a woman anasifiwa sana siku hizi hadi na media she is prolly sucking some bigwig deek. Fuck

The niga has valid points… Hapo coke studio and golfing gigz plus hio maneno ya tusker project fame not to forget upuzi ya jazz fest safcon… Real bimbo plans in motion.



coke studio iko hadi India bana, it’s a company thing and not just in Kenya

Hapo kwa Naisula Leisuda I agree, what are her major achievements?

Kwanza sikuhizi these big co-orperate offices are headed by ladies. The boy child is under Siege for sure.

He mentions ‘thinking’ over and over again in his article. Other than attacking women in his articles, what other thinking has he done for himself. The guy is so skinny I doubt if he’s even capable of feeding himself properly.

Sijasoma yote lakini…

I once asked why in those TV adverts where they feature a family (mother, father and children)? Most of them have resulted to mother, father and daughters (probably two of them), what happened to equality? As in Mother, Father, Daughter and Son?


little girls are “sweet”…aesthetics…sell products

He raises some valid points.

:D:D:D:D:D:D :D:D sadly feminazis and sissy men are here to stay

Hatusomi upuss

Actually lemme say my fees was wasted…
But I think this guy nyakundi just needs to stop biting more than he can chew

Lakini kusema ukweli Kenya has the most boring adverts on TV
a typical Kenyan ad has people singing and dancing no wonder faiba ads excite us

Lakini hapo kwa jazz amekosea.

ok, noted