In my local two of the above mentioned have entered and it changed the dynamics seems all my neighbors have a to do a squirting Nyabo in their to do list. Nimekuwa mpole some of them are @gashwin And @FieldMarshal CouchP agemates, my father’s ageset group Inabidi I bow down to a Gikuyu greater than me.

Am I high on caffeine or what? Unasema?

Njúhîra maitú.

aki sweetie hutaki kujua wacha tu…and you are not high:):):wink:

Confirmed, you are drunk.
Go and sleep.

@gashwin ndio alifanya ile ad ya Vicks Kingo…ni kijana mdogo sana.

You not high ,the feller is in bar

Club Decimal denderu, it’s in the neck of my hood. 20minutes to my domicile.

N;aje kws

Kihii na mbuku.

kama kizungu ni ngumu tumia lugha ya mama.

heard that name while I was imbibing SABmillers finest brew NILE, at some classified lokeshen in Uganda, is that a reference to a lady in luganda

@kasaman there is reason why the statement below was made.

Na kama ni brownie points unatafuta,let me refer back to the same statement now above…