Nutritional Value Ya Ugali Sifted Or Not

Empty calories na carbs za kifala kama za biscuits.

It is the most probable cause of Low IQ in Subsahara. All the way from Nigeria to Cape town, Fufu, Ugali, Ngima, Mealie, Nkima is staple.

Makes me wonder what blecks ate before the arrival of maize I. Africa.

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Si unakamatanga asubuhi

Ya mtama

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For one to get the full nutritional benefits of maize, one has to nixtamalise it.
Staki maswali for those who don’t know what that is - google and chatgpt is your friend

Sasa unajiona genius?


A human body needs 2,500 calories per day and ugali is the best source of such calories compared to rice ya asians or bread ya wazungu. Also the body needs a balanced diet and ugali, sukuma na nyama or maziwa/mayai/beans is a complete balanced diet, and since kenyans take this ugali combination daily, kenyans are some of the best fed humans in the world.

Quote: Two hundred grammes of cassava contain 328 calories, while a serving of ugali contains 365 calories . Similar quantities of rice, potatoes and sukuma wiki contain 216, 154 and 98 calories respectively while one boiled egg contains 150 calories. Ugali is also a good source of B vitamins, especially Thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), and Niacin (B3) . It also contains some Folate (B9) which is needed especially by pregnant women.


Never understood these silly arguments ,since the emergence of the human race, man’s diet has changed to suit his dietary needs, kwani unataka tukule chakula ya early man?


Calorific overload no wonder everyone nowadays ako na kitambi ,double chin and wobbly arms a precursor to metabolic disorder

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The vitamins and proteins in maize cannot be absorbed by the body unless it is nixtamalised.

The so called B vitamins will not survive the boiling that the unga undergoes to become Ugali. Only carbohydrates make it through.

@Landlord , between Wheat, Rice and Maize, Maize have the lowest calorific value

Maize has the highest calorific value by cost. Where else will Africans get 2300 calories per day?

Kakima nî keega

At least there is science in your argument. Some folks in here wameanza kuingilia mama za watu wengine after losing the war of words.