nuthin much, just a wedding gift i bought my Ex- Gf (Bed)

I bought her this bed as her wedding gift…All love is not lost. i wish her all the best in her marriage life…


Weed zimeshika ama?

hehe usijali kaka some other dude is putting it into good use

Qualities of a good employer

  1. If she occasionally give panties the day off, she will let u take a week.
  2. she is fat n stl wnt wear biker
  3. i don’t know

Cover the pussy fire the face(the pussy is ugly,i would go for a bj)

He he he

She must have been a Tomboy judging by hizo dents ziko kwa miguu but i find “Wanja kihii” girls as we call Tomboys in Kikuyu to be very interesting and loyal but thats just my experience.
I bet she has climbed many a tree in her time…if you know what i mean…;):wink: :D:D:D:D:D:D:D


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si ungenunulia yeye thuruari

siwes mind kombi…