Nusu Mkate, a mirage?

I was just going through the constitution just to understand what could happen if NASA continue with all this drama and insisting that there will be no election.

Unfortunately for them Uhuru Kenyatta will continue to be president until such a time that a new president is elected and sworn in.

Incase of a coalition government, caretaker govt or any other form of government that they may have in mind, Kenyans would have to go to a referendum that would be conducted by the same IEBC. This is unlike 2008 when the National Assembly through legislation enabled this to happen.The 2010 constitution that was supported by RAO made a provision for a referendum incase of a need for the change in the governance structure and for purposes of protecting the constitution.

NASA are in a catch 22 here…it’s either they let IEBC do their job or Uhuru continue being the president in perpetuity.


Their narrative is that after the 60 days are over there will be a constitutional crisis, that calls for an all inclusive caretaker govt, since the sit of the president will be vacant.

Yeah,the SIT will definitely be vacant. Not in Kenya.


The details of a so-called caretaker government are unclear.
But what I know is that Uhuru will be the president until 2022. If Maraga makes the mistake of making stupid rulings, like deciding who should be president in such a government, it will backfire in his face.
I believe Kamwana has his father’s no-nonsense genes. That’s when Raila, Maraga, Mwilu, Gladwell Otieno, Makau Mutua etc. will realize a rained on lion is still a lion.

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Ruto is Moi 2.0. He is worse than uhuru.

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Let’s remember who made Moi insufferable.

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people forget that Ouru is still the commander in chief. In a caretaker government there are no 2 presidents. In a coalition government there are no 2 presidents. The presidential position is held by only 1 individual.

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You see? Slowly by slowly even you have started realizing the possibility of a nusu mkate. Uhuru is the one who started this thing of saying Nasa wanataka nusu mkate. He then said ata akichaguliwa tutamtoa. The thing is why is he saying words like these? Once you say something like that its start going around and becomes more believable by the day. He should refrain from those kind of nonsense kapsaa. Imagine if Ruto wasn’t there? This guy could have already given up and we would be having a coalition government.

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And why do you want to have a coalition government???:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Temporary incumbency, a weak president for that matter he wont be able to fire his CSs or even appoint a tribunal of any nature. The sooner we do away with the elections the better

Ouru still has imense power, with a parliament on his side, he can declare a state of emergency and suspend the constitution, the four wakoras will definately be forced to resign, the military will be unleashed, the TMT and flower girls go on exile, and kenyans live happily ever after


[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=6]No Reforms No Elections!![/SIZE][/FONT]

Is it the same lion that throws hands in the air and says “mnataka nifanye nini jameni”?

Is it the same lion that addressed us on national TV visibly drunk and unable to stand because the court had nullified his win?

Well tell that lion that the people who messed up this election are at IEBC, awachane na Maraga.

I like this version better, this is the option Jubilee should consider if babuon sabotages elections.


When you want to fell a big tree, you cut its Branches first. Why is uhuru not cutting them branches bana.

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TMT humaanisha mini?

Hii term ya Uhunye iishe tupee Ruto tuone kama kutawaikuwa na ng’effff mahali hii Kenya.

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Seat amigo

Also wants to know

The Monkey Trader

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