NuruCoin upusss

Iko watu watapoteza pesa, ebu skiza ujinga anasema

Let me go see the comments…this will be good


I swear I read the white paper and promoted this turd sandwich to my friends, I have never been so wrong!

Turns out they copy pasted the white paper and took it down from their website the moment people called them out on their shit

The scammy way the office is set up…


Wakenya ni walewale tu utaskia jinga imeibiwa 100k anataka serikali amsaidie

Afadhali nuru massage from Kawasaki city

How Kenyan billionaires are made. :D:D:D:D:D

:D:D:D Alafu utaona githeri media ikimpromote as a young ,trust worthy and innovative mbirrionaire

:D:D:D:D:D:D Ameambiwa 1+1 = potatoes

That’s the only Nuru I know.

Unfortunately, someone somewhere will fall for this.

the age of kenyan princes is at hand, apana peana email ovyo ovyo

Why is it always peasants commenting when it comes to money??. I have invested $1000 na silalamiki. Dont bother say anything if you know nothing. Just watch and learn.

:D:D Sijaelewa kitu hapo wacha nitumie google

He he… Watching closely. Long term projections? Do you honestly see a happy ending?