Nursing and Medicine as a calling

When I was a very small child I was admitted to remove tonsils and I was attended daily by a nun. I lost my voice so she would really comfort me that soon I would be OK. I have never forgotten how happy she was and so full of light.

I have had one small procedure that could have been done outpatient but because hospitals want to mint your insurance cover they admit you unnecessarily. My experience with nurses that one time I was admitted as an adult is that many are not passionate about what they do, they’re catty, they’re petty, they gossip patients, if the patient is really incapacitated such as dying patients who can not report them they neglect or even abuse them.

Doctors also have this money hungry thing of telling you to get unnecessary procedures and operations to help them make money. I had a dentist tell me to get a root canal or remove the tooth. I have all my teeth and I have never had a root canal in spite of being told that I need one twice by different dentists. I stayed with the painful tooth for 2 years going to different dentists telling me that nothing was wrong. The same tooth, needs root canal, needs to be removed, nothing is wrong with it according to the xray. It really makes you wonder. Anyway finally I found a dentist who did a filling and my problem was gone. God led me to the right dentist but imagine if I followed the advice of the first one of root canal? And the way root canals are toxic to the body.

Basically many people in medical field are just there for money, they are not passionate about it and they will even lie to you to get money especially from insurance.

I have a cousin who is a year older than me, she did medicine in Kings College upto fellowship level she’s a hermatologist though she now works at one of the private hospitals in charge of oncology. She treats very high profile people and she won’t even tell her own mother any information about her patients. Which is what I believe all medics are supposed to do. Confidentiality. She is so passionate about her patients and her patients adore her. She is single and child free. So her work is her focus.

I have also been treated by an Indian elderly lady, her twin brother and her decided to dedicate their life to medicine. They are about 70 now. Never married never had kids. They are professors at UON.

So I am seeing that the model of nuns and consecrated others being nurses and doctors was actually a good model because medicine and nursing is a calling. Now we have male nurses who molest female patients. Serial killers are nurses. A sensitive field like this is not the best for people with no passion and no calling.

For example let’s talk about our resident nurse here, who divulges confidential medical information she is privy to not even of her patients but her family and friends to internet strangers. All she talks about is the money. The patients are cash cows not a calling. Ama nimesema uongo? @Purple did you not tell us your auntie has bipolar and your friend had an ovarian cyst? Is it really in line with the ethics of your profession to divulge medical information to the public? This is a clear sign of the majority of people now in medical field who are not called to it and have no passion for it if anything some hate it even but they are there for the money.

For me when I find a good doctor I hold on to them. Luckily I have a family member who has her calling in medicine. She has never treated me, God blessed me with good health. The relatives she has treated including my mother and sister have nothing but praise for her and she reminds me of the one nurse I still remember fondly from my childhood. She touched my life because nursing was her calling not just a job.

I have also been unhappy with how nurses especially in hospitals, the home care ones have a, better attitude handle people who are dying. Elderly people too. I have always asked God that when my number is up I go to bed and wake up in heaven. I don’t want to be at the mercy of nurses, just from what I have seen with dying relatives. Nurses can be the most callous and cold people. It’s a shark tank when you are sick. May the Lord grant us perfect health to spare us from the ones who are clearly not called.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know of any healthcare professional who would render treatment to their relatives or friends in the first place…weird. The best thing is to refer to your colleague. Secondly, people always mention ‘oh my dad/mom etc has diabetes or hypertension’ when giving an example about a certain topic. Friends and aunties are many, that’s not enough of an identifier. Also, in this country, basic nurses don’t treat patients. They follow doctors orders…but I didn’t expect you to know the difference! Lastly, you don’t pay me to be your definition of ethical, Ms. judgmental. That Pharisee spirit thinking you’re the gold standard is a sign of pride.

As long as they give you the prescribed medication they are good. And true, avoid relatives treating you. Emotional ties greatly affect professional opinions.

Being a nurse is not as easy as it may seem. It is tremendous, colossal work every day. It’s caring and responsibility for other people. It makes you feel a little weird. I’ve been a nurse for over a year, and every time I worry about every patient I have. They become my family, they become my family. This is how every nurse should treat the person who needs her help. Today, many people wonder how much a nurse earns. I won’t tell you my salary, but if you are still interested, you can read about it here , and tell me whether or not it’s enough for this kind of work.