Nurses strike

it’s totally unfair how this issue is being handled. so many people have died and the strike is still on. SRC don’t want to respond. Council of governors are just a bunch of nincompoops around this issue. 95 days going strong. it’s like the whole country is going nuts

SRC senior employees and Council of Governors and their families simply go to private hospitals or foreign countries for treatment when they get sick. Their part is resolved.

Devolution of health was a grave mistake and it seems we’ll pay for it with our lives and those of our loved ones


had no idea the strike is still on

Src in a memo dated 1st sep, downgraded the nurses job groups after the jobs re-evaluation exercise done in august, the lowest paid nurse now has been downgraded from job group H amepelekwa group A, lower than a hospital cook and driver! Hehe hii ndio huitwa hujuma, i think the strike might last a year kwa hii pace

Src ni meffii…Nurses.Co.lab tech na pharmtech wamewekwa class ya casuals.Since those employed their salaries cant be reduced wenye wako ba shida ni those seeking employment.Inaeza happen starting salary itakuwa less than 15k.If src dont respond strike zinaanza…15th sep co’s wanaingia strike.The whole health sector will be paralysed b4 october

We have been using private hospital for too long, their strike has zero impact on most.

talk for yourself…peasants wanaumia sana


Hata peasants ingia kibera uone clinics za nurses, clinical officers, and quacks they are very many.


Lakini there are some services huwezi pata kwa hizo private facilities which are cheaper/free in public facilities.

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True but they are much faster, I remember I once got sick while on the long holiday, the health center staff arrived at 9:20 and went for a tea break at 10:30-11:30. Went for lunch and never came back, learnt it was a way of life. we also have mission hospital in the slums and donor founded and funded health center, they serve the slums much better than the government owned ones.

A friend of mine quit working as a nurse in government. He is doing is own business not related to health.

Over here, the private and faith-based hospitals and clinics are in no position to take in any more patients. They’re simply turning them away.


They’ll stagnate. Which is very wrong as well.

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I was afraid of that, huku kwetu we are lucky, the nurses are humane and from the local community, wagonjwa wanatibiwa ndani ya closed hospitals chini ya maji.

Outpatient services are about 70% unaffected. In patient ndipo shida kubwa ilipo.

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Hapa we’re taking in emergencies (road accidents, assaults, maternity cases, prisoners) for overnight stay only.

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I am sure if things don’t change, the people shall demand that the service be reverted back to national government. People are suffering.

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A long shot though. Most are in a state of ‘learned helplessness’. They don’t believe there’s anything they can do to change the status quo; and are easily deceived by all the grand structures governors are putting up all over the place.


Our biggest undoing is that the enlighten few are either in bed with the governors or are apathetic to the suffix their kin, a problem of the every man for himself system we have in place.