NTV'S Okari

who else think NTV’s Okari coverage of POTUS queer?

What do you mean?

Am only finding ua post queer …

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hope this “queer” will not end up being another gayshyte post


Qwani what happened? I don’t watch news

I stopped watching news on Monday after half of the news turned out to be about potus. Am sure sunday akienda our media will have on helluva hangover


…queer(an adjective) in every sense, homophobes am sorry

Boss,not all of us have time to watch news. It would help if you gave us a background then ask that queer question of yours

As usual, half the news consisted of stolen photos, jokes and memes from social media


Hehehe…be like me. I check in around 20-past for business news then go back to the other entertainment channels.


There should be a Twitter-Facebook channel. They shouldn’t bring social media stuff to the news.