NTV NEWS 2100HRS 18AUG2017

Yesternight I watched the above news.

The first story was the one about Stephanie moraa shot in Mathare and baby Pendo clobbered in Kisumu.

The almost last story was of 2 cops shot dead in Githunguri and an AK47 stolen.

My questions are;

1.Is it a constitutional right for cops to be shot dead and pelted with stones?
2. Is it a constitutional right for protestors to light bonfires and barricade roads with rocks?
3. Is it a constitutional right for protestors to shot at police and pelt them with stones?

Feelings zikam


As I always say, a policeman should aim at the head of any violent or armed protestor and pull the trigger. I hate the case of wasted bullet; one bullet per any armed and/or violent protestor.


You have kicked English in the nuts BUT a policeman is allowed by law shoot at people he deems dangerous to the maintainance of law and order…
IT is not a constitutional right to pelt police officers with stones,or use any other wrapon against them. The police will use all the power afforded them by the law.

Personally I say shoot them daily and twice on Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday…we can restock on Sunday


The media has for long held an established anti government and pro opposition bias.
Cops are seen as representing government.

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This village needs to hire a competent teacher to teach as polepole the Queen’s language. Many here are serial rapists of English:D


You still rape english

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You should be in the national register of offenders…


You been saying bullshit all along, wasting breaths

Nothing is related here. Civilians killed by police in mathare and kisumu in post-election shooting sport, but police killed in Githunguri for God-Knows-What

You have kicked English in the nuts BUT a policeman is allowed by law shoot at people he deems dangerous to the maintainance of law and order…
@Its Le scumbug,you can’t see the log in your eye

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In journalism class, we say when a dog bites a man, that is not news but when a man bites a dog that is big news.

Police are killed by thugs often because that is their job risk, to fight criminals.
However, a society is rotten when children are killed while at home and accused of being protesters. That is big news even in North Korea.

Honestly I don’t buy that line ati Baby Pendo (MSRIEP) was deliberately clobbered by police, I don’t. I guess here is where an inquest is very important. But we Kenyans are known to lie with a straight face, so we will never know what really transpired when Baby Pendo was hit on the head.

How can I see the log in my eye? How now and its blinding me to the specks in all of your eyes?

That’s where the media comes in, to point the issues and leave the relevant bodies to investigate and prosecute where necessary.

About baby Pendo…The media has already painted a picture that she was deliberately clobbered by the cop. Hio nlikata. No cop can do that.

Maybe the father was just fleeing after throwing stones at the cops,then a chase ensued akafwatwa mpaka kwa hao, picked the daughter as a shield.

If the cop’s intend was to clobber the baby, hio rungu Ingekaua on the spot

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Tuliambiwa tusiwatch NTV.

Hio ni njaga

By way of sketch or otherwise, kindly illustrate, ‘wasting breaths.’
Wewe ni Meffi…

So sad that such a young beautiful soul was lost.
my thinking was in line with urs…I doubt a normal askari would go straight in a house and clobber such a young kid. There is more to this story than we have been told.
all in all, there is no justification for loss of such a very innocent life. May this little Angel dance with other Angels in heaven forever.

I also believe there is more to that story. Only Baby Pendo knows what happened to her. For now the damage is already done and we will never ever know what really happened before she was hit on her head.

May she RIP