NTV clowns embarrassing us



Mharoooo tupu hio TV chieth ifungwe

Hapa wameharibu kabisa, , Kenya is turning into a dumping ground for lib nonsense

TZ have taken the bullet for us. Phew!

These journalists worship hawa wazungu. That’s why tunaona wanatuletea upuzi.

Gender equality and climate change? Hapanaaaaa. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

@poyoloko and @uwesmake do you smell any connection between climate change and gender equality like ntv ?

They have to find a way to stay relevant to the men, the internet is a wonderful thing.

Women are the majority of consumers of goods and products in this planet but somehow they will point the finger at us. Let them hold themselves accountable.

NMG imejaa ummeffi siku hizi

Si ni hizo pads wanatumia zikichomwa dump sites Zina release carbon monoxide kwa hewa

who cares what women think

The producer should be fired

NTV is kenyas version of CNN it’s full of liberal trash

Asanteni sana kwa kuwa chonjo. Fcuk the scam artists.