A friend of mine got arrested by NTSA of friday. Question: What would happen if I refused to take the alcoblow test? What would I be charged with and how much?

@Wakanyama alikuwa amekunywa supu pekee. Alcoblow ikaruka Na 4.5 kwa Richter scale. Akaambiwa akabe mwenzake.


Utapeanwa kwa magay wa remand ukamuliwe hadi utii ukubali polisi si watchman.



utawekewa charges mob kama resisting arrest na upuzi kama hiyo your word against their word

BTW, a good question. Which is more lethal between drunk driving and failure to obey orders?

That thing is unhygienic unalamba mahali walevi wameacha mate aina mbali mbali I will refuse twende kortini.

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Shouldn’t there be a series of sobriety tests to gauge if one is DUI?

I thought you should take a blood test later to confirm the alcohol content.

technically you van refuse then they accompany you to a hospital for a blood tesr. if you refuse all those tests including standing on one leg then you are charged with obstruction of justice and they get permission from the magistrate on duty for a compulsory test witnessed by a court official. I dont know if that s exactly how it is with Kenyan laws bit that is the general procedure internationally

They usually have a disposable mouthpiece. At least the ones I’ve seen.



sinple kataa get arrested asubuhi patia ocs 10k walk free.
otherwise puliza pelekwa ndani ocs hawezi kuachilia

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