NTSA, is this a joke?


must be a false statement

OK. The guy was mocking them. :D:D:D

Upus Ntsa hawakusema anything like that the travellers are the one who instructed the driver to stop and they walk past blackspot .what’s wrong with Kenyans and fake news on social media

@Okwonkwo pull it down, i repeat


si unitafutie ngamia hybrid, uko Arabian desert.

Kwanza angalia mt kenya na useme uhuru tuko pamoja mara tatu

Umeamua kuoa 2018

This is worse than zile thread za woeful wonder.

Fake news + ujinga ni mbaya
Original post

kunguru wananionyesha moshi.

Umejaribu @Uwesmakeress

iyo ni moto yakuotea mbali.

Then we will walk all the damn way to our destinations coz the entire road is a blackspot

And the black spot stretch from the deadly salgaa to sachagwan is like 46kms. Will they walk all that far?? Stupidity at its highest heights.[ATTACH=full]148217[/ATTACH]

Nah, I hadn’t seen the next reply by Soko Analyst. He made it clear he was mocking NTSA and their knee-jerk reactions.

If you didn’t find the post sarcastic you also need to be disbanded together with ntsa

Hao lazima niwale Wakorinos wajaluo… Sijui legion maria ama hujiita nini

Mwambie acome