NTSA at maungu

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Hawacheki na watu.
Huyu @Mzee mzima ameandikiwa kupeleka gari na open shoes


Je ukidrive mguu tupu, pia utaandikiwa?

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So they say they’re coming up with boards with some warning message to drivers breaking traffic rules. When a driver is caught, he’ll be forced a whole day on a roadside to holding this up for others to get warned.

Is that an offense most of us ladies drive with sandals

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hujumaaa… ati driving with open shoes

Yes. It’s a traffic offense, open shoe for driving must have a strap at the back


Zinaitwa “wega wacio”

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I agree. They slide a lot. But I didn’t know it’s an offense too.

open shoes shows one is DUI?

No you furking small penised idiot.

It shows one is prone to misjudging the position of the pedals and missing the correct one.

Did you know that you can tell the intelligence of a monkey by the size of it’s “tail”? The shorter the tail, the less intelligent a monkey is going to be.


breathalyzer ni ya nini?

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Kuendesha gari na open shoes ni offence?

It’s not a breathalyzer, but A Respiratory Pheromones Penis Size analyzer, it is used to test for penis size without nudity.




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you have a big penis. we agree now

Punguza bangi kijana

hizi nyangau hazijaenda driving sch. au nn?

walienda zile za assured pass