ntalami tired of fingers

ntalami tired of fingers and scissoring[ATTACH=full]347254[/ATTACH] shes trying deek

Makena hawess kumbali

Hii ni corporate maliar. She used to project the image of a “serious CEO” :D:D:D but ni kama ameamua her mattercore can open doors faster and thrown all caution to the wind.

The seek can’t be matched by anything else

Lesbianism is only for average but usually ugly ladies

Cute ladies try it but later run back quickly after realizing all the attention, worth, pedestlement they were receiving from betamales is all gone

Even though a vibrator is far more intense it can never be traded for all the dates and fancy things a lady receives

Women cant provide the kind of lifestyle they want so its back to men.

The turning lesbian stint twas chasing clout,IMO

Ghaseer unajua mengi sana :D:D. Mimi nikiongea kumhusu I might doxx myself

Nakumbuka akiletwa K24 na Betty Kyalo. The moment niliona anaishi kwa kennel za sijui Kili nikajua ni poser tuu. I think that episode is still available on youtube. Huyu najua ghasia kama @Sambamba zimemkula pale Mercury ABC Place.

hiyo mattercore iko poa sana kumyandu ikus doggystyle

Dual-mating strategy

kwanza wakaonesha wakikoroga hiyo mafuta yake in some small building. Huyu ni jina anatengeneza, there is no business she was running.

Yule bwanake ako wapi juu ningetaka kumuweka mimba?


Huyo dem anatoka kwa family heavy.The dad used to be the CEO of Capital Markets Authority for a long time in the early 2000s.Old money iko.

Money runs out msee. Plus there is a difference between your father’s money and your money. The point is she was trying to sell a successful CEO image Passaris style.

Uliitumia wapi hii vibrator?

Women use men as success objects…huyu amegundua wanawake can’t finance the kind of life style she wants

Kwa ground vitu ni different. Judging by that Betty Kyalo video, she’s just an average “middle class”.

If she is old money, hangekuwa akiishi hiyo studio apartment pale Kilimani.

This bitch is fine thank you mbaya