NSSF New saving Rates!

Just read from the Business Daily that the NSSF retirement interest rate has been raised from 3% to 6%. Is this a cause to save more?

Ile kesi ilikua kortini walisemaaje

i dont buy this nonsence ya nssf.this thing should be scrapped kila mtu ajiwekee pesa yake.it pains me kuona hio deduction kwa payslip

Shait…imekuanga 3% per month ama per annum?

Personally I have never seen the benefit of this thing but it’s an employment to some people.Same as nhif.I have never used nhif and i don’t think i will ever use it.

Retired teachers have never benefited

NHIF ni muhimu boss, and alot of people benefit from it. Try going to their HQ one time ushangae how much people depend upon it

Maybe it’s because i rarely get sick.

you are blessed buddy :slight_smile:

You will never know the use of NSSF untill you get to retirement age.
For NHIF, Just thank God you dont need it. There is no amount of money that can buy good health

Spoken well

Whats the difference. 3% ya monthly bado ina add up to 3% ya annum. Furahia hesabu ya Matiangi imekuja juzi

You are a fool if that’s how you reason

Big thanks ooh wise one

hollowskull manenos

Boss, a monthly interest rate of 3% is not equal to an annual interest rate of 3%. How come we have so many fools in this village? What is the problem

Civil servants (P&P) don’t contribute.

Interest imekujia wapi hapa saaasaaa?

Coz they never conributed.

Brooms umetumia zote ku sweep