NSSF Benefits Before age 55

What are the requirements for one to get his NSSF Benefits before the age of 55 if they have quit active employment ?.

Who has the connections for fast processing ?

Visit your nearest NSSF office with:

[li]A certified copy of your retirement letter OR certificate of service OR termination letter[/li][li]Your NSSF Card and[/li][li]Your National Identity Card.[/li][/ul]

What about if you quit employment on your own volition where’s the retirement letter going to come from or who’s going to issue it?

I will start taking serious NSSF the day watanza kupea wazee Wa 55 Viagra hadi wakufe.

Fast processing=korapshen

Takes not more than 6weeks and nobody will ask you for a bribe.

Hii kitu ni muhimu kuremit hata kama uko na own company

You should be demoted to NV based on how you have argued this point.