NSE the worst performing Stock Exchange in the world

Sakayo ni more than juguuu . I love you Sakayo. Marry me. Watu wa Azimio Niaje? Investors wametoroka NSE. Things keep getting sweeter and sweeter with every passing DAY. Sakayo making dreams come true. Tugeges let’s sing the anthem. Puhahaha. Siezi pangwa na system. Kura yote ni ya Hustler.

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Umekaa hivi ukaona wewe ni wa Kwanza kupost hii…

This is not Zakayo’s fault. Nitawaambia mara ngapi we are under a structural adjustment program aka austerity aka fiscal consolidation?? A hostile investment climate is just one of the many side effects.

Plus the Federal Reserve recently raised interest rates in the US, causing investors to move their money away from the NSE to US markets. Give the president a break.

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I hope the end result is we avoid a default

Ni furaha…

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Excuses everyday. Mara US, mara Uhuru, mara Raila, mara maandamano, mara Elnino. Anything other than poor Kenya Kwisha leadership. How come other countries even African ones aren’t doing this bad yet it’s a global issue.


Other countries didn’t abuse credit the way Kenya and Ghana did. We are in this situation by our own indiscretion. Default itabidi.

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That’s exactly where we’re headed. Hizo loans hatuezi lipa just be honest with yourself. We’re going the way of Ghana and Sri Lanka. We’ve got no choice but to default.

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Under Kenya Kwisha we are going back to the dark days of KANU. Dynamic Duo of IMF and World Bank finishing the economy.


We’re already there. One just has to examine the Finance Act 2023 to see their hands in our budget. The insane taxes, cutting of subsidies, etc.

The millennials and Gen Zs on this forum hawaelewi what structural adjustment is all about. It’s hell on earth :sweat_smile: but they’re starting to get a taste.

Hakujua hivi akidanganya anus lickers vile atatoa tax kwa mafuta, vile dorra itakuwa 100, vile mafuta itakuwa 100, vile serikali haitaombaomba kila pahali, vile serikali haitaomba beyond 9%? Hakuwa anajua?


@Gaza really predicted this we are into the badlands

Alifikiri it’s a looting spree with no responsibility


Wanajaribu kujitetea