NRM Stupidity

If you are at or around Museum underpass please remove this blasphemous material!! [ATTACH=full]135346[/ATTACH]

Why don’t you drive (I mean take a mat to that place) and remove it yourself.

Let the rebels be. They have a constitutional right to worship.

these is way too much sasaa…

Wahenga walisema @KeleleZa Chura hazimzuii ngombe kunywa maji… Wafanye wapendavyo…

Toa!!..Mpaka walipe county council advertising fee

Hao ni wachawi… Must have been posted there at wee hours… Last time I checked fine inakuaga 80,000…ama am lost???
Anyway it’s non of my biz:rolleyes:

I watched some documentary on KTN news today…and listening to Muite, Imanyara,Musikari Kombo,Weta etc you will realise TMT only shines in the last 10 yrs only. His level of deceit,betrayal,violence mongering was a pain to many politicians of the 80s and 90s.
Yaani the guy could not be trusted by akina Kijana Wamalwa, Oginga Odinga To carry any secret. RAO was such a pain.


He is still a pain.

Na bado atazidi kuwafinya makende. No mercy.