NRM already a disaster


Ngombe zimekata wamesema RWNBEP!!!

Huyu Mzee Alienda wapi. Amechapa akasema RAILA ENDA BONDOSTAN!!!






:D:D:D This meme…reminds me of a time nilikula viazi moto…sitaki kutema na siwezi tafuna…na machozi inataka kutoka…:smiley:

He he he!
Happened to me in high school!

BREAKING: General Kakende leads a major offensive against KDF

March 23, 2018

In one of the most fierce battles pitting the NRM and KDF ever witnessed since the resistance movement was launched. General Kakende of the NRM delivered a blow to KDF (KOT Defence Forces) by firing an expletive laden tweet to KDF General. No casualties were immediately reported even though KDF launched a major retaliatory smear campaign immediately after. More to follow…



Huyu jamaa alikuwa anaitwa Earnest Powertools Worell he was a movie character played by Jim Varney. He started out as a TV advert character then moved on to became a film star. He passed on in the year 2000 from lung cancer. Back in the day shule zikifungwa alikuwa anatuentertain in black and white on KBC TV. Especially around christmas time with movies like Earnest Goes To Jail. Wakiwa na Mr. Bean. I only realised recently that he used to wear blue jeans. Kwa black and white zilikuwa dark grey.