Now tis' Magufuli’s turn!

[SIZE=3][SIZE=5]President Magufuli caught up in MPs’ bids to change term limits[/SIZE][/SIZE]

Tanzanian President John Magufuli. A political showdown is looming over presidential term limits.

In Summary[/SIZE]
[li]Chemba MP Juma Nkamia is next month expected to table a motion before Parliament to extend presidential terms from five to seven years, as is the case in Rwanda.[/li][li]The law amendment is widely seen as a testing ground in favour of extending President John Magufuli’s tenure. He is currently serving his first term.[/li][li]The opposition sees the moves by ruling party legislators as part of an attempt to set the agenda for the stalled Constitution review that was abandoned in the run up to the October 2015 election that saw President Magufuli succeed Jakaya Kikwete.[/li][/ul]

[SIZE=5]Magufuli caught up in MPs’ bids to change term limits[/SIZE]
Tanzanian MP is next month expected to table the motion before parliament.

And we are still handling people with kid gloves… Imagine a 7 year Uhuruto presidency? Some people would literally die dead…

Tz is going bananas and probably the amendment will sail through given the weak opposition’s inability to stop magufuri’s and CCM ambitious political wants and dominance.

This is expected with magufuli leadership style. .his style is a breeding ground for fanatical following where pple close to him will sooth his ego…orders from above is a phrase Ujamaa villagers should get familiar with

Kenya is a great country…

Babuon role model

Well said