Now this is the Kenyan living the American dream..owner Swahili Village in Maryland

Wachana na @luomerican!

Luo american kazi yake ni kuharass watu weusi. they are employed for that sole purpose so that the white masters of harassment can hide behind them.

Wow, that niccah has made it!!
Big ups to him.
Above all, what mesmerizes me is the fact that Africans can now live in cool high-end neighborhoods, something that was very difficult 20 years ago. Humanity is improving.

huyo ni jamaa anado well majuu, congrats to him. He has 4 kids, ranging from 13yrs to a 1yr old at 52yrs. one thing that happens, when you get to majuu, your social life gets disorganized, and depending with how big your dreams are, it may take a minute before getting a family.
unapata boys uliwacha primary schools, getting married, na wewe bado uko light years before getting there. but all is good.

iko hadi tusker,huku twasija

Nice home, many americans dream of living in such a place. Kenyans really know how to hustle

US is the land of milk and honey.
A single restaurant location can make you like like a king. Leafy suburb, big house, big cars…

But I see how. He says he serves over 1,000 people per day. At an average of $15, that’s Ksh1.5 million revenue per day.

Methinks Ranalo in Nairobi does similar kind of revenues vile hufungua kuanzia 11 mpaka past midnight…and given one can’t spend less than 600 shillings hapo.

That’s very good money! He should invest in kenya too

I doubt they make all that. That’s over 500 million a year.
But even if they did, it’s one of maybe less than 10 restaurants in the whole of Kenya that can make that.

That Swahili village is a specialized niche restaurant, not even targeting the natives of that area.

that premise , is way much cheaper , in terms of rent compared to any restaurant of the same size in Nairobi. hapo ile kitu utahema ni bills za cooling and heating.

Clearly everybody missed out on the loans part. The beauty of the US is that loans are easily accessible. Si kama huku you have to go through the eye of a needle to even buy a car. Huko with financing you pick your car from the dealership and just pay monthly car notes and you are good to gom

Those guys get value for their money. Kenya ata ukipata space ya kueka biz iko overpriced.

I have heard so much about Swahili Village. Good to see the hardworking owner behind it. V touching story.

May’be he does. The Kenyans that own Thatched House huko East Lando rake it biiiiig and have invested heavily in Kenya.Where ese can I get ngima, mukimo, roasted ribs, tusker the big one and malt lager,Stew njeri hihihihi but a very nice one, fried tilapia, find homies from back home? You don’t even need to know anyone, home away from home, speak loudly in lugha ya mama Okuyo and Swahili and no funny looks from panters…then party mpaka 3am closing time…[SIZE=1]I don’t have to mention that Thatched is heaven for Naijo men who turn up at 2 am to pick up our sloshed pretty slayqueens.[/SIZE]
We thank you Komasha na Njau…

Ferk manze, naskia kukuwa franchisee wake in another diaspora hot-spot.

Nice one!


Great of him

There are many restaurants that make such a huge amount of money here …What makes America special is how a restaurant in the Equivalent of Kitui or Karatina or Busia can have such revenues