Now that Obama has gone...Time to reflect

Now that Obama-POTUS has left which goodies has he left us with apart from his great oratorical inspirational speeches. Me thinks nothing else.

Apart from losses incurred by our economy and infringing our freedom of movement for a whole weekend.
Oh and keeping us glued on our screens for his Hollywood stunts of his secret service.

What’s your take?

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Was just about to post a similar thread.

Specifically, what about the GES? What came of it?

Wait. Be patient guys. We have sold Kenya to the world. Nyinyi mnakaa Ni wale vijana after mgeni kuenda hivi,mnaingia kuangalia walikuja Na nini Na kurusha mikono kwa vyondo. Na mkishika mavi iko kwa nappy? Relax.


it was good for the image of our country, especially UK who follow the steps of US. The tensions of ‘‘choices have consequences’’ have been cleared

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Look for info on those who have received capital/funds to get their businesses to grow. But we’ve been fed too much ’ airforce 1 and Beast and security…’ by the media badala ya GES benefits zenye some people wamepata.


Nothing apart from boring talks after talks. In fact it was like a Talk TV show

The POTUS has left investors confidence in Kenya and the youth. Its now upon you to seize the moment. Simply ask yourself, have you placed yourself strategically? Do you have what it takes to move forward. Mwenye macho haambiwi tazama. Moving forward, i take myself into account having been youthful at this time- age of ambition in Kenya. I view Kenya now as China in 2000.


I was there with my bike, goodbye obama!


Especially for the young people and women…grab the oppurtunity and ran with it

thats a damn owful, disgracing ,pathetic camera

Me thinks u sir r a very big fool!

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President Obama : “One of the rules of good civil society/democracy, is being respectful of people who disagree with you.”


@Sparksxedo , am happy Obama left you with something

:D:D:D:D:D u hv just hit some1 under the belt.

just reason like you have brains. What did you expect him to do? Come and declare he had given 2 billion dollars for food etc? He came with loads of investors likes of damond john and nearly the white guys in the safaricom stadium were investors.

aliambia oposition waache kukaa ki mandazi mandazi, lets hope wanamaskio

N nmeona fala si bonface mwangi kwa hiyo opposition

Jana he talked about securing $1 billion for startups in Africa Kenya included. Create something na uendee those funds

Btw Niliona huyo nyang’au kwa hiyo meeting ya Civil society na POTUS, I didn’t watch the whole footage…angepewa mic angetapika kweli kweli… Ooh we need more donkeys, pigs paint and blood… etc

Boniface is gun for hire. When will you guys get it? He stopped fighting when Kenyans dumped him after kushikwa. Same as Alai who had to call for an Mpesa Harambee to be bailed out