Now that I became a villager

Well well well! I have been reading the reactions of talkers who get their status as new villagers upgraded to villagers but what I do not understand is the benefit of all this. Fast forward ……… when my status got upgraded I was thinking that now I could post my status via Dictaphone and how coomer would be flowing from the shemales who are masquerading as sexy mommas! I wish to point out that I especially like this @spax shemale and I have been having sleepless nights now that I can not get a formula on how to spot her. Anyone who knows her whereabouts to inbox me as I want to give this shemale the loving of her life.

PS. On another note I wish to pass my public apology to Dr. Google in what others may have thought to be a direct attack on the village’s most respected dignitary. I hope he accepts this as we move ahead…………… by the way I got the assistance I was looking for.

You have my attention now that you had to write that long tirade.
Nimesongesha kiti nipe udaku wa salon ya kwako now that hakuna wa mama wengi kwa hii salon(kumbuka kufunga leso,tafazari)
adjective: transgender; adjective: transgendered
[li]denoting or relating to a person whose self-identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender.[/li]

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Someone should organize a gladiatorial fight pitting “New Villagers and Villagers” V/S “Senior Villagers and village Elders”.

I’d really love to kick the ass of that overcompensating overgrown impotent baby called @kabuda.

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Now its time to change your Avator as well



The trend with this new villagers nikutukana seniors and heavyweights like me ndio wajulikane.bure kabisa.

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that reminds me. I need an avator. kuna ile mbisha ya msee ametoboa comp.screen akinyandua…

Kuliko kutusi mtu face me I face u.Ukinishinda,siwezi kosa mawe.Ikishindikana …tuheshimiane.This village is a noble place and I believe we should experience a battle of minds and wits not utotology.@baserock,sorry for ranting on your thread man.


chukua hiyo