Now I understand why Kenyan women are so quick to get pregnant for Nigerian men

A Kenyan man can date and even live with a Kenyan woman for 6 years, she will go to all lengths not to get pregnant for him. Let her just date a Chinese, junguu or Nigerian man for 3 months even if they don’t live together, she will make sure she gets pregnant for him whether he will raise the child or not. Kenya now has alot of Nigerian, Chinese and White children and the trend is growing. Nigerian men are on a mission of getting Kenyan women pregnant. They say Kenyan men are effeminate, have small penises and broke. They brag that even the president’s daughter is their wife. To me a chimpanzee is a chimpanzee and infact a Naija chimpanzee are the worst. But you have to wonder why our women are very quick to zalia Nigerian men but they would rather die aborting children sired by Kenyan men. Like the MKU student. I’m warning Kenyan women to avoid raising the population of especially Nigerian children in the country. These are people who sold their own to slavery think twice dear ladies. All the ladies I have asked why Nigerian men are so popular with our women told me that Nigerian men are extremely generous and more importantly wamebeba. Yaani they are so hung that if you have sex with one you will feel like you have never had sex before in your life. Money and a big deck are the key to a woman’s heart. Hehe. Kenyan men Bibi yako akijaribu hio line Ole wako you will raise Nigerians kids uki fikiria ni wako. Keep doing red peel but a Nigerian man only has to show your wife his dick and wallet and she forgets that she was married. We need to deport this people bcz they’re spoiling our women. After Rita Waeni it’s a betrayal to be with a Nigerian man. China man and junguuuu are very much OK but not Nigerians afadhali ata mkenya though they don’t chop monies, pia they won’t chop you into pieces kama kuku surely.

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Tunajua Kapotty utamake pussy yako tight udanganye jungu ni mkia ndio ukue pregnant

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Hio hata ioshwe na coke haiwezi kua tight

Makena kujia mimba.

A big penis is overrated. It’s all about skill

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From experience, not all women want big. And when a woman talks of big, it’s mostly relative.

So it’s all about money, very few rich intelligent Kenyan women date Nigerians. If they do, they are mostly low iq, poor or both.

Have u watch tinder swindler , thats how Nigeria men play our gals, the use them, to get cash, for the sex oat, they apply drugs on dick so they make ladies get high through pusy

According to science there is no big difference in size between kenyan and Nigerian makagari

I don’t know but that is what I always hear from those who date them. They have extra large phallus. Kenyan ladies say they have never met Kenyans with that size. Or they use penis enlargement medicine? Even black Americans who originated from West Africa have huge decks as per junguu women. If you know someone dating a Nigerian man ask. They always say that their decks are extra extra large.

Rutos daughter? So which skill is this that beats a big deck? They’re just consoling you after seeing your small penis. Hakuna mwanamke hapendi big deck. Usiwahi danganywa. Size matters. That’s why men always complain about mtaaro. Size matters on both sides of the divide. Don’t let anyone deceive you. But of course money can make a woman overlook a puny deck but akipata mnaija Ole wako.

Nigerians use vacuum pumps which increases the size by 3 inches for only 30 minutes. That is what ngwati actors use wakina lex Steele

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[quote=“TrumanCapote, post:10, topic:487424”]
…an overlook a puny deck but akipata mnaija Ole wako.

You tell us the skill because you said that is all black man knows,but your lovely old white men got other skills which make you wet.

Seems black men are right, especially Kenyan men.

I invite you to come and measure my deck, gauge it’s energy and tell the stories.

My thick curly hair is the only consolation on junggu fetish.i hope it will excite you too, cz it has worked on wariah damsels despite me being a black African.

Bro mimi sijasema that you have a small deck. You dont have to prove anything . Your deck is your deck. Hakuna mtu alituma application kujikubali muhimu. Accept your small size and women will too. But siezi kudanganya if a naija meets your wife with his big deck all will be well. Mimi siwajui but that is what Kenyan women who know them better say. Sio mimi. Mimi ata sijazaa nipanuke. I dont need big tings, I will just suffer for nothing . For me the smaller the better. But your wife may really enjoy Naija men.Facts.

Why are you running away murume?

Show me a beautiful, fresh, intact, 0 zero mileage kenyan woman who is hot enough and all she wants are naija men.

By the time a kenyan woman, or any other from east Africa just wants a Nigerian, She isn’t any worth. The few who are worth it was a normal relationship.

(I fear wives, I don’t have any, everyone says at least have a kid ata kama buana.why should I care when I got the biggest energy?lived an apartment I happened kusalimiana na west africans ,a Kenyan woman will cry and tell when you set the standards against those criminals.long live the village threshold)

Lots of misconceptions here being peddled by a woman, probably projection. First, a big dick will only be worth if used properly otherwise its all pain and torture. Second, only desperate low lives women hang out with Nigerians

Kapoti kujia mti nyege zitulie. Uka tūharūkane ta tūthufuria

Nigerian men specifically target those fresh beautiful ones and they are the most vulnerable bcz of their lack of life experiences. They can also see the hotness you are seeing and freshness. That freshness usually comes with naivete. For us we were indoctrinated against Nigerian men as children. They lived among us and the rule was never to be on the same side of the road with them, they will bewitched you to follow them then have you for dinner. So for me I don’t even speak to them. I used to visit a certain shop of a Nigerian man, I would talk to his Kenyan workers. When I became a regular he started being friendly. I never went back. That is how much I fear those guys. The women are fine but men NO.

By the way how can you tell if someone has zero mileage? Just by looking at them? Ama?

Either way, Nigerian men have what Kenyan men don’t. Money. Big decks. Charm. And witchcraft. As a woman you better pray to God that a Nigerian man doesn’t fall in love with you bcz without God you won’t escape. It’s not a matter of you wanting them. It’s a matter of they get what they want and will stop at nothing to get it bewitching you included. And FYI Kenyan women are the most likely to go for foreigners than women of other African countries. I believe it is a failure of masculinity in Kenyan men. They don’t give women pride in their own nationality.

The information I gave is from general attitude or perception of Kenyan women. I have no experience with them. But any discussion on Nigerian men by Kenyan women bottom line will be that Nigerian men have big dicks and deep pockets. Let’s be frank that our poor girls with their low self esteem are no match for the beguiling international conmen that are Nigerian men. If you observe Nigerian women you will see that they are not as demure as our girls. They are tough. Our women are not tough and strong so they are easier to manipulate.

By the way, what does it mean knowing how to use a small deck? I thought the MO is the same. That of pumping? Ama what else can a deck do. Educate my ignorant mind. For me all I hear is big deck and stamina. Other than that soft skills of foreplay and other non deck related manenos, women praise the first two. They say, heh hao wanaija WAMEBEBA. Talk about Dickmatization. Kenyan women don’t stand a chance with these guys.