Now i fully support the HOYA awards.

Kuna lister fulani alipost hii pic ati ni road trip yake lakini nimeipata fb under magical kenya.[ATTACH=full]5361[/ATTACH]

how now??

This aint kenya

road trip ni wewe

Lol huku ni huko nandi land certainly Kenya

he heee, kumbe wewe @Ibwit ndiye umequalify for HOYA


I never said I was there, infact the second pic was lifted from Subaru Owners Club Kenya that is planning

the Great Run

Point out where I stated it was my road trip hehe

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Lake Baringo iko to the east of Tugen Hills

New villager hafai kuongea mbele ya wazee…

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Huyu new villager should apologise to the said village elder. this is Africa after all @Ibwit do the necessary

Yenyewe kuelewa ni ngumu no wonder kuna A, A- mpaka D+

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Of what relevance is that piece of information in this post?

Since you are a New Villager and you have decided to vie for HOYA secretary general, Hekaya Hall of Fame(HHF) is hereby created and you are the first inductee.

my dear Nandi ni mbali sana na hapo. Km mia na…

Lakini nimewai enda huko kwa wakalenjin

tembea kenya ujionee

Usijali…Local Tourism is damn expensive

Hahaha exactly my thought and include multi handler @TIG aka @Javino in the HHF

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