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[I]Much of the most productive land in South Africa is still owned by white people, 24 years after the end of white-minority rule — one example of the country’s struggle to tackle its stark racial inequalities.

White farmers control 73 percent of arable land compared with 85 percent when apartheid ended in 1994, according to a recent study.

“The time for reconciliation is over; now is the time for justice,” EFF leader Julius Malema told parliament.

“It is about our dignity. We do not seek revenge… all that our people ever wanted is their land to which their dignity is rooted and founded.”

The ANC is increasingly under pressure to speed up land redistribution to help shore up its support among poorer black voters ahead of the election next year.

Parliament ordered its constitutional committee to report back on the issue by August 30.

Botched and often violent redistribution of land in neighbouring Zimbabwe under ex-leader Robert Mugabe left many farms in ruins, and the drop in production triggered an economic crisis that still haunts the country.

The next big challenge for Ramaphosa and SA is to expropriate without abusing the power and leading to land transfer to non-farming absentees. [/SIZE]

It wouldn’t happen under ramaphosa, he represents the white interests in the country. All the ratings and approval from different bodies turned positive when Zuma left, why? Its not like they have changed any policy. They were just sticking it to him to leave. Now that their man is in then he will play ball.

What happened in Kenya ? Why are so many people landless here at home

Read the story of Matigari.

Ndung’u Land Report

Owning land just for the sake of it is wrong, but blacks need to get the skills needed to get more involved in Agribusiness. At the end of the day, productivity is all that matters.

You give acres of land to uneducated ignorant negroes who know nothing about agribiz… Halafu waanze kulia njaa in 2 years

that’s no excuse for some alien to come occupy your land.

Kenyatta alicon wakikuyu na akaiba mashamba hadi taveta

They’re no longer aliens really. They’re white South Africans. I am inclined to agree with @junkie .

The land issue in Kenya is as thorny or worse than what South African are facing. Only that few from the affected communities are willing to talk.
But we are here discussing what is happening thousands of miles away. Hii ni pepo nyeusi.

so do you agree with what kenyatta did in taita taveta, voi and so many other places in kenya?

Kenyatta residing in Europe was our greatest undoing. He saw how powerful the land Barons were , on coming back, he wanted to replicate the same, but invested minimally in these lands. Unlike in Europe.

Oh hell no:mad:. Not eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeven a little.
I have no problem with them being given back their land. Just make sure it is productive and the ones left to tend it can manage it.
Si unaona ile time Uhunye went to give title deeds in Msa…si they turned around na waliuza shamba?
let the distribution be done properly in an orderly fashion si kama ya Mugabe

How did he con people land that wasn’t even demarcated??!!

he simply took over land owned by the white settlers for himself. Naturally, land that was properly developed became the focal point of other developments and thus most of his lands are prime lands. At some point, he almost owned the whole place that is kasarani, zimmerman, kahawa west & sukari and almost to kilimambogo. I always ask myself how was that possible.
if you know where mwihoko is, the guy used to own all that land and still holds some of it. the family has even refused to donate a small chunk to connect mwihoko shopping centre to the eastern bypass.

The Kenyattas own so much land that they dont know even how to use it, if the jungus who were chased away ever came back and saw the state of the lands they left they would just die!

So he dint con the kikuyus he just took land from the white man. Do u know before white man came most of that land ur claiming was still unoccupied?

it was community land used for different things during different seasons. there was rotational grazing fields like happens in the north even today, agricultural land etc and then people used to live in a central place. For places like nyeri for example, people were rounded up into settlements/camps(ishagi) but were allowed to cultivate in different locations. so when the white man left, all the small parcels u were cultivating were consolidated and u were allocated one big piece somewhere. The balance and white properties is what homeguards(e.g michuki) and the likes of kenyatta took over.

The peasants will sell it to foreigners…and back to square one :D:D