Not that POTUS............

Not that its any of my business but taking into consideration that the most useful reporting is on the beast and motorcades and not on the opportunities presented by the GES summit, lets me also engage in some salon chatter.

What could be some of the reasons why Mitchell and the daughters did not accompany Obama to Kenya?? This is a big let down to team Mafisi and even some of the local Tv stations like citizen who had set up a studio with their lifesize photos and banners and transparent kindergatten like seats…

Now lets open the hotbed of salon ideas

Hehe I saw that and I was like…the heck is this. Nikaamua nikunywe chupa moja niamini



you expected the national salon peopled by specialist Thesalonians headed by their airhead editors to remember to get the stories from the GES?

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Sina clint but just use your remote to gugu citizen, you will find one huge studio with christmas like decorations or those trashy flashy adornments that one gets on graduation


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a huge let down where a whole media house dedicated a whole studio to salonists rather than inviting panels of entrepreneurs and investors to break down what GES means and presents to Kenyans


but then again perhaps its you their consumers who guide them on what you want. our consumer preferences are such that we can dedicate a whole thread to discussing a “series” and mourn about how it is full of gayshiet and the “stars” as if they are David Rudisha…(quickly grabbing helmet)

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I saw in the studio some guyz were playing play station. How is it related to GES?

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Sawa, nimeona ufala.

Maybe schools karibu zifungue?

ai boss shule zinafungua Sept

Hiyo bit ya Hamlet umeniangusha. Heri ingekuwa Ngugi wa Thiong’o ama Grace Ogot. Imeniuma sana.

Define a state visit? On Friday folks here told us it wasn’t a state visit since there was no military guard of honour. Well, we saw that at State House.

But then, the security arrangements on the ground would be too much to cover both Obama and his family putting into account the president and the first Lady usually have different itineraries. The first Lady usually has her own separate functions. It would be too tempting for the Al-kebabs. And by the way, they are unusually quiet. Not so much as a sneeze.

She is like our typical kenyan wives who never accompany their husbands to shaggs.:D:D:D