nostalgic about these two vehicles, would love to own of them at a later age…

Toyota EE90


carb 2E engine overhauled, cold air intake…




Peugeot 504 Simba…


speed hunters version…




nvr seen thm like this…

So they can look like this? Nice vrooms.

504 was a car 1/2 …sauti yenyewe was way unique

those 504s are fast

for the younger guys…



my dad had a 504 pickup bado hiko tu, ni gari ya nguvu sana

Nice rides!,…first thing I think of when I see a fijoti esp the station wagon is Plain cloths , but that’s just me after the vichakas I grew up from.

Old is gold

hii yangu i recently did a rift valley round trip nairobi nakuru nyahururu nyeri on 3000ksh worth of fuel

hii gari ilikuwa car of the year 69 and 1970

I still remember the days when the local MP used to role in 504s pia chairman why primary BOG

Ah! Rift valley round trip… Nai, Nax , nyahururu , nyeri? Boss hapo hata hukunusa Rift valley.

rally… some versions had the 2.7L V6 for the Peugeot Coupe





not forgetting the 505…




505 GTi…



He he, hiyo ni kama kugusisha dick kwa P alafu unasema vile ni mtaro.

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Pimping a vintage car as a 504 is like an old man with bling and “swag” - or whatever they mean by that word. (Like that mzee in Qtv ad). Just doesnt work

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Atee kee… Kwani iko na kafuraita mpya…

top speed ilikuwa 70…beyond that it shakes like a leaf

Hehehe…I knew that query was coming.

Where did u find that EE90? Would love to see & feel it…