Northern Lights from the ISS


wish am a billionare Kama yule boy wa south Africa mark shuttleworth who went as a tourist huko outer space.nitembee Hiyo center

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And Virgin Galactic is building spacecrafts for space tourists. What’s wrong with the super wealthy?:eek: Why the hell would you go a place that has no life, no trees, no fresh air, no sandy beaches, and no girls. Personally, I’d rather catch a flight to Brazil to dance samba :slight_smile: than go to space.

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I would love to see the wonders and beautiful scenes explore like vasco da gama Ama bathelomew diaz

they’ve done that so much that to them ni kama kwenda TRM.

They’ve probably done this more than enough times and are in search of new experiences

The thrill to do what ordinary mortals can never hope to achieve is real.