North Korea

Kim Jong has just tested a new missile. Hatambui umeffi . Remember trump has parked 3 aircraft carriers off his coast. Story on BBC.

A USA gen once said Aircraft carriers are giant coffins . Could he be wrong?

I love the balls on that guy .Giving the finger to everyone .

Kim is one spoiled brat and he’s spoiled for a fight.

If you manage to penetrate the defensive later, you can easily take out 4000 - 5000 people at a go, plus about 90 planes. However penetrating that layer is difficult.

People will get tired of him

Why would the US with all its nukes prevent a country from arming itself…?selfish bastards !

Yes ,difficult is the word. In this age of hypersonic projectiles couped with modern technology in many hands…damn. Trump can’t do a thing to DPRK and he knows that. Haezi risk his sailors, kufanyiwa live testing ya DF 21 carrier killer and maybe Brahmos. So atulize nyege.

what USA and DRPK are doing is just dick measuring contest the rocketman is trying very hard to push trumpf to breaking point to see what he can actually do

Which people? When he’s already a dicktator

And a Country (Like N. Korea) is potentially one continuous coffin!

Ata Mugabe alikuwa na hizo fikira tu

Those carriers can’t defend against the Brahmos

Napita tu

The boogeyman narrative just to keep the weapons pipelines hot. Lockheed Martin and the likes need to make some money.


CIA ikiangusha meli ya US with 100 sailors using DPRK bombs then they nuke part of N. Korea hakuna kitu anyone can do apan chezea Uncle Sam , there are Generals who are war mongers who have been itching to use the nukes since the cold war .

This not impossible, but its altogether a stupid thought. You think decisions are taken they way you take whores in town?

Cannot rule anything out - considering the nasty, illegal stuff that the CIA has done to their own in the past.

Most hypersonic missiles are still in development stage. Haziko ready till late 2020’s. Brahmos is not designed to take out an aircraft carrier. The size of warhead is too small. The only ship or land based missile designed to take out an aircraft carrier is granit from Russia. Nuclear warhead. One hit or even an air blast and you are out. Most counter measures involve submarines.