Normal people with crazy names

There are people with crazy unique names out there. Most of which we only know one person.
There is this person i met juzi but the name keeps escaping me. Aah i remember i know a guy whose actual name is “Boss”

So i wonder how many people have you come across with not so ordinary names? What are the names?

Kuna jamaa alikuwa anaitwa " RG". And mind you, those re not initials. Walimu walikuwa wanamsumbua sana.

Shida iko hapo…ni ndume au dame??

How did you ‘meat’ him?


Asanteni. Nimerekebisha wadau. Where would i be without such angels like you!

You would be here cc @introvert[ATTACH=full]158507[/ATTACH]

The other day I met one called katombi and not ktalks @Katombi

How do you call your kid that? Picture this

Old folks : what’s your son’s name
You : katombi
Old folks : what?

(katombi means a sex maniac/addict, but still sounds more vulgar in Cambodian )

No word is vulgar in Cambodian. They use those words in regular speech like its nothing

I have NO issue with such names coz in other tribes they might sound ok and mean something else. What I hate most is calling a kid “Prince, Promise, Innocent, Blessed, Bahati, Present, and so own”. Their parents, mostly those who pretend to be born again, tend to forget that such names sound good when he/she is a toddler. But when he/she grows up most probably he/she will not follow in his/her parents footpaths.

Unapatana na mwizi anaitwa “Innocent” ama msichana anaitwa “Blessed” na kila mtu anajua huyu ni kifagio ya wanaumme.

Kuna jamaa anaitwa
Thomas Barasa…
Aka TomBarasa… The question is, what if his dad was Amos wako? Jamaa angeitwa TomBarasaWako

Najua wakamba kadhaa wanaitwa ‘kitunguu’. That is why i never take kamba’s seriously. And then mluhya anaita mtoto wake ‘Natembea’. Not forgeting I and I. My middle name is so annoying. Nilipigana vita mingi primary juu ya kuitwa hio jina

Did you aks your folk why they did that to you? Or if they can change it?

Tribe names are ok coz. There also Kambas called Mbiti (fisi), Kaviti (ka-fisi), Mutembei (matembezi), Mwinzi (digger), Kalondu (a young sheep), Nzúla (Zuhura), Mwende (love her), Mwendwa (loved one) and many others. That’s all ok.


Enyewe kambas are funny people

Innocent Mbaya…
When he messes, he’s mbaya, when he’s good, he’s innocent!

Kuna mcambodia anaitwa Matiti!

There is nothing wrong with the name just that kids corrupted it to sound different, something that i didnt like. Again it so hard to pronounce and write i dont think it should even be someone’s name

Mwendwa and Kamene in the same family…